Paper Obsessed Blog Tour :: Sunday Edition with Karen McTavish !!!!

karenMcTIt’s easy like Sunday Morning.  Although, what Karen McTavish does isn’t easy.  Today’s Paper Obsessed blog is happening right here with the talented, energetic, lovely, and real Karen McTavish.  She quilted my improv Air Traffic Control Quilt that I fondly refer to as Aerodynamics.

Paper Air Plane Without Girls Flattened.jpgHere’s what Karen has to say:

I loved working on the Aerodynamics quilt for a couple of reasons.  The quilt was original and unique – something fresh and new… I love being a part of new ideas. I wanted to make the paper airplanes really be the focus of the overall impact of the quilt, so two layers of Quilters Dream Batting was used for the quilt. Unfortunately, wool has a memory and sometimes shows fold lines. The process of quilting was to let the paper airplanes fly all over the quilt showing the path of its flight. I would draw the line directly on the quilt at the end of the paper airplane and hoped the line would run into another airplane. The quilting was really fun because I felt so much freedom. I felt Heather’s joy in making this quilt and tried to match that energy.



Photos by Eric Lubrick

I want you to imagine what it’s like to get your quilt back in the mail after Karen McTavish has had it.  OMG.  It’s the best thing ever to open the box.

KarenMcTavishThis quilt was a major reason why Paper Obsessed exists.  I’ve wanted to make this quilt for the longest time, but couldn’t find the right fabrics to pull it off.

I used the notebook print, white on white airplanes, and ball point security envelope texture.

I’m so proud of this quilt and learned a lot in the process (through tears, frustration, and kerfuffles, and finally success).  It’s one of the projects I am most proud of in concept, design, fabric, and even down to the quilt pattern.  And I’m so super honored that Karen McTavish gets me and is willing to work so hard for my vision to shine through.

Thanks for peeking in on how Karen McTavish made my dreams come true.  I couldn’t ask for a better creative partner in crime.  She is so incredibly dear to me and I think we make a great team.

Let’s talk WINNING FABRIC. So you want some Paper Obsessed goodness of your own, eh? Windham Fabrics gives away free fabric along every stop of the blog-a-palooza and we are throwing in some extra I Heart Crimson Tate swag just for funzies. To enter the contest at this stop, leave a comment describing a dream you’ve had for a long time that you’re making steps to come true.  It can be grand or it can be simple.  The winner will be chosen randomly on July 27, and of course, be sure to visit all of our friends’ blogs for a chance to win!  Don’t forget to leave your email address or an obvious way to get a hold of you so you can easily be notified when you WIN!  The blog tour is almost over, so be sure to circle back around and check out alllllll the goodness.

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July 15 Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE Magazine ::

July 16 Karen LePage of Gentle Clothing ::

July 17 Jenny Leisure / David Barnhouse of Crimson Tate :: 

July 18 Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio ::

July 19 Eric Lubrick of Eric Lubrick Photography ::

July 20 Annie Unrein of By Annie’s ::

July 21 Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts ::

July 22 Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness ::

July 23 Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce ::

July 24 Karen McTavish of Karen McTavish Quilting Studio :: {Dreamer + Doer}

July 25 Kristen Wright of Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine ::

July 26 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate ::

61 thoughts on “Paper Obsessed Blog Tour :: Sunday Edition with Karen McTavish !!!!

  1. Michele says:

    I am paper obsessed too!!! What a great hop and I’ve really enjoyed the creations at each stop!! Your quilt is simply stunning and this definitely is the perfect fabric for it!!

  2. Lucy @ charm about you says:

    I adore this quilt!! The fabulous quilting gives it even more movement! My dream was always to be a mother, I’m living my dream with my three kids – at times it’s the hardest job I’ve ever done but I am grateful every day and they are my best teachers!

  3. Anita says:

    Love this blog hop! My dream has been to retire and enjoy (perhaps even spoil) grandchildren. I’ve started with my first grandson, who just turned one on July 4th!

  4. Heather N says:

    My dream is to make things that make others happy, and I am working on it by creating fun clothing and accessories for my kids and others! Love the fabric and the quilt!

  5. Sandy Allen says:

    Thank you for the introduction to Karen McTavish. I have heard the name before but haven’t seen or read up on her. The quilt is gorgeous!

    My dream is to get back to traveling around the US. I am taking baby steps next month with a trip across the state for a few days. Would love to drive and explore more, but have to work with the budget and vacation time! 🙂

  6. Kathy E. says:

    I’m a lucky goat because so many dreams I’ve had have already come true! My next dream is to have an Etsy shop to sell my “wares” that I make in my sewing room. I have such a stash already, so all I need to do is get a shop set up!

  7. charmingbubble2 says:

    I’ve designed a shirt block pattern, with the help of the awesome Phillipa Naylor and am in the process of making a quilt of Hawaiian shirts for my husband.

  8. Sue says:

    I am slowly checking off a list of states I’ve stayed in over the years. I may not get to all 50, but I’m trying to add a new one every year or two.

  9. Lori M says:

    Love this fabric line!!! Sooo cool!! Thank you for chance to Win some!!! 😀

    My dream is to finally beat crazy cancer that keeps coming back & stealing my Ooooph to do things!! My UFO pile has been waiting & waiting for me to get back to it! lol

  10. Barbara Triscari says:

    My dream has been to be a studio art quilter and while I have met that goal, the amount of time I have to do it regularly has been diminished. So I’m back to working toward getting regular and large amounts of studio time back. Love the giveaway and everything about the Aerodynamics quilt. My shorter term goal is to make my own with adaptations of my grandfather’s paper airplane design.

  11. Martina says:

    My dream is to make my very own journal quilt. Just started to draw and stitch some blocks. But have no clear idea about layout. Just going step by step!
    Love these fabrics and would be awesome to win!

  12. Mary McElroy says:

    I have almost completed my dream come true. I have set up a sewing room so that I have a creative space to call my own. I worked overtime as a nurse to add a serger, juki 2010q, and a Bernina to the mix. I am 57 and had two sewing machines that I had used since I was 13. I have a cutting table and plenty of storage. The part of the dream that’s still in process is getting everything organized where it needs to go. I love paper-obsessed. It’s rare these days to find a totally unique fabric line!

  13. LINDA says:

    THANKS FOR YOUR NEAT LOG! Dreaming of doing FMQing well, practicing and practicing and coming along! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Paula McCondach says:

    Have taken baby steps, classes, online classes and learning as many techniques (current obsession!) as I can to fulfil my wee dream of actually quilting my quilts myself, tears and frustration but a few weeks ago I managed to actually sew a whole fat quarter sandwich with regulated stitches! Our cat is appreciative of my sampling efforts he sits on a pile of square sandwiches somewhat like the princess and the pea 😻 Love paper obsessed it has inspired me to want to make different projects not only quilts! Thanks

  15. Teresa P says:

    LOVE the airplane quilt!! I am hard at work on making the quilts I have in the pipeline and not buying more fabric/taking on new ones until older ones are totally finished.

  16. Victoria says:

    My dream is to sell my project bags I make to support my crafting. I am a kid and don’t have a job, but I love sewing and crafting and have a strong interest in math, numbers, and entrepreneurship

  17. Anne says:

    My dream is to finish all my creative projects. I started this year and so far I’ve done 8 or so of them. No new projects until I get them done.

  18. Needle and Foot says:

    My dream is that my husband and I live in closer proximity to our kids who are spread though out the US. As for steps toward the dream,… We are in a holding pattern until our two DIL’s finish graduate school so we can see where everyone lands – then we can figure out how to live at least on the same side of the continent! It will happen but not for a few more years.

    Also, I love your word ‘kerfuffle’. It makes me smile.

  19. Allison C says:

    My dream is to have a less stressful job….I’m working towards figuring out how to do that, but it’s not easy! For now, I’ve significantly reduced the amount of second jobs (pet sitting) that I do…and that does help a little.

  20. MARY D says:

    One of my dreams has been to retire in some tropical paradise, slow down to smell the flowers and sell my wares. I have done some research on the relocating, I am developing my products to sell and I am working to relocate to the Florida area to be nearer my dream. To wake up every day to sunshine, turquoise waters and sandy beaches has been a dream of mine for many years.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. Debby says:

    This hop has been fun! My dream is to have my own farm with lots of chickens and a cow and lots of land to grow all sorts of food and herbs and flowers… and no longer work for countless hours on the computer, but get lots of time sewing and being outside. We are trying to work towards it by building up my hubby’s business as a beekeeper…. It seems very far away right now, but I will not give up!

  22. Indianna says:

    Fabulous fabric. I dream that one day I might finish off all the projects that I’ve started sewing over the years … But something new and lovely always gets in the way!

  23. asteride says:

    Thank you for this fun blog tour. It was great to check all the beautiful projects and discover new bloggers! This fabric collection is fresh and nice and makes me think about spring and new beginnings. My dream is about traveling for months and then stopping in a nice place and start traveling again, there’s so much to discover……

  24. Diane Beavers says:

    Karen, I feel the movement in Paper Airplanes and how you managed to match Heather’s energy:)
    Dreaming of getting a pattern published, just a simple fabric basket that I’ve stitched a few hundred times and a few others have tested for me. FIngers crossed.
    Thank you for the greatest blog hop ever (Succulents was fantastic too)


  25. Fred Erique says:

    Beautiful fabrics! The dream I’ve had for a long time is to have my own studio, now I have a appartment big enought to have one, and I’m so happy!!
    quiltpatchappli at

  26. Monica says:

    I grew up in the house that my mother grew up in and I have always wanted to renovate a home like my parents did. Currently I’m in the process of buying and renovating a house built in 1904 with the wrap around porch and back stair case that I have always dreamed about. Unfortunately, I lost my mom a couple of years ago so I can’t share the joy of it all with her. But I’ll be hanging the draperies and other things that she has made for me in this new home and think of her often.

  27. Sharon says:

    Your new line is so slick. I am working on setting up an etsy shop that combines machine embroidery and sewing thinking this way I can combine two types of sewing.

  28. anestinthemaking says:

    I’ve always wanted to be stronger. I am a runner, but I’ve always had a weak upper body. I’ve never been strong. I started off the year doing a boot camp type deal (first time I’ve done anything but run) and recently graduated to lifting actually heavy (to me) weights! It’s hard work but I am loving feeling physically strong.

  29. becky m says:

    I dream to own a longarm and start my own quilting someday. AND to take a class from Karen McTavish! 😉 Her work is amazing and I love what she’s done with your quilt here.

  30. Mary Ann says:

    We have been dreaming of adding a master suite on our house. We have been saving like crazy and are ready to start talking to builders

  31. allisonsews says:

    I’ve been dreaming of learning how to make gorgeous brush lettering and I’m finally sitting down to dedicate the time and effort to practice. It’s so fun!

  32. Georgiann Coons says:

    Besides peace on earth and loving kindness towards all, my dream is to travel around in my little vintage camper, teaching people how to do things, like knit a scarf, hem their own pants or sew a skirt. I’m getting there … Hugs to you all.

  33. Pam says:

    My dream is to take my two daughters and my granddaughter on a wonderful vacation someday. Thanks for the great blog tour!

  34. Sarah J says:

    One dream has been to make myself a quilt (I have gifted each one I’ve made so far!). I have a design sketched out and some fabrics… perhaps when the kids are back in school I’ll start cutting! Love those paper airplanes!!

  35. Tac says:

    What a fun quilt and fabulous quilting on it! My dream is to create a place to sew;l’ve managed to clear out some of the stuff in a room to make it happen.

  36. Margo says:

    Love your new line! As I said on the blog hop, I love Paper AND Fabric, so this spell’s big YAHOO for me! Love the work that Karen McTavish did on your quilt! Love how it shows off the movement of those airplanes! Bravo and congrats on the new line!

  37. Heidi Atchison says:

    My goal is to help my 7th and 8th grade students become better readers and writers. As a start to my goal, I have created a mission statement that I plan to put in a frame in my classroom. I’ve also chosen the word ENDEAVOR as our word of the year. We are going to step outside of our comfort zones and try new things in my classroom!

  38. Chris says:

    A dream was to retire and slow down. This I have done. I may not have a lot of money but I am so much happier. Next I must learn McTavishish.

  39. Jennifer U. says:

    Loving the blog tour. My dream was to wrangle my tower o’ fabric, which I got folded and contained in boxes while my daughter was away this summer. So, oh yeah, I’m ready to win more fabric!!!

  40. Katy M says:

    My dream was to have my own dedicated sewing room (I grew up sharing a bedroom!) and I actually managed to get one….until my baby came along and now it’s his nursery! But he’s better than a sewing room any day 😉

  41. Me says:

    My dream is to honor the brave men and women who have served our nation by helping make quilts for all of the residents at our local VA home.

  42. Mara says:

    Her quilting is amazing! Dreams, I always dreamed of living abroad and that came true, perhaps it is time to make another dream. Congratulations on your dreams coming true, you have made a wonderful fabric collection.

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