QuiltCon Together 2021 with Crimson Tate and the #CTCHAMPIONRACE

Welcome to QuiltCon 2021! We’re embarking on a virtual tour of Crimson Tate and all the fun we have in store for you!! We are so super sad to not be together and high five, and laugh, and bang gongs, and tell stories, and relive the olden days. QuiltCon is like homecoming for us and we’re sad to not be doing this thing together. We love sharing our energies with your energies and god knows, we could all use a boost in spirit about right now.

So to kick off the fun, we’re introducing a special QuiltCon 2021 Crimson Tate Champion Race.

Let the race begin! Everyone is welcome to play!! We’re giving out QuiltCon 2021 Champion Quilter medals in celebration of #quiltcontogether #quiltcontogether2021. We’ll miss hugging you in person, but this time we’re gonna give you a hug via USPS. Games begin now. Claim your prize starting Thursday!! #ctchampionrace #quiltcontogether #withcrimsontate #championmedal #forgoodhumans #shiningbright @themqg #heyquiltconnie #quiltconnie #detailsinstories #tellyourbuddies #sharewithafriend

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Share this with your friends. That would be great! We have TONS of medals to give away and want all our friends and their friends and their friends to play along. We also have swag to share and amazing stickers. You know you can always come to Crimson Tate for a good time.

Thanks for using the following hashtags when posting on social media:

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12 Days of Holidays :: In the Year 2020

12 Days of Holidays @ Crimson Tate all codes/specials valid until Dec 24, 2020 @ 1:00 PM EST
Day One :: FreeSpirit Solids

FreeSpirit solids are a dream!

I’m setting us all up for a slam dunk on Day One!  FreeSpirit Solids are boss.  In a heafty range that coordinate beautifully with FreeSpirit designer fabrics such as Tula Pink, Kaffe Fasset, and Anna Maria Horner, these solids have been our go-to for YEARS!  For the first time ever, we are offering the current color card showcasing 80 beautiful swatches of fabric in all the vibrant colors FreeSpirit offers.  Included in the card are the signature Tula Pink solids as well as FreeSpirit Essential solids so you can make decisions concerning your next project at home! Thanks for entertaining me and for being entertained.  I wanna kick off the first day with a coupon of fun.  Take 15% off FreeSpirit Solids with the code TOOTLES in honor of Gertrude’s 15th birthday.  I’m giggling as I write.  That is the silliest thing but yet again, I love it.

Day Two:: Furoshiki

Bag Making Made Easy

I already know you’re going to love this.  You’re going to love making and gifting this.  So, as a part of the 12 Days of Holidays at Crimson Tate, when you purchase three bag handles and the pattern booklet, you’ll recevie 10% off the Miayko bag supplies.Please note!  The pattern booklet is written with centimeters as the measurments.  So if that is gonna make you mad, I advise not purchasing it!  It was helpful me me to look at the images but it, too is very simple.  It helped me understand how to work.  And I googled how big 110 CM is.  Does anyone know without googling it?!  It’s 43″.  So, a 1-1/4 yard is an efficient measurement to make these bags.Please also note, the discount code FUROSHIKI will reduce the price of Miyako bag supplies only. 

Day Three
Sally Kelly Solstice
Day Three
Day Four
Pencil Club
***Please note, free charm pack offer has expired***

Small Business Saturday @ Crimson Tate – 2020 Style

Shop Small @ Crimson Tate

Ahhhh!!! It’s time. It’s time! It’s time to celebrate our community! Small Business Saturday is HERE. And this year, we’re celebrating 2020-style.

WE WILL BE ALL ONLINE ALL THE TIME on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. Plan ahead for you and your family and please note that we are not accepting walk-ins or appointments November 28 or 29.

Don’t be bummed!!! We’ve got fun planned. So what are we doing instead?!!? We are pretty much gonna be having tons of fun on Facebook Live all day November 28, giving stuff away and chattin’ with the crew of Crimson Tate. So join us there! The first 135 ONLINE ORDERS (whether we ship them or you pick them up at our Curbside Sunday Event) will receive at least one fat quarter of Sally Kelly’s newest collection Solstice free! *note, we just counted the number of Sally Kelly fat quarters we have ready to go and the number was 135, so we’re sticking to it and dreaming big that we’ll have so many online orders!!! But wait!!!! There’s more. We’ll host the same hourly giveaways we have had in the past and will be drawing for two grand prizes!!!

Throughout the day at the top of the hour 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on CRIMSON TATE’S FACEBOOK Live we will show you around the store, be entertained by the crew at Crimson Tate, and will host DRAWINGS EACH HOUR for some amazing prizes! So, come peek into the creative minds of Crimson Tate employees, tune in EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR via our FACEBOOK to tune into our sessions. You can ask all kinds of questions!! Pop-up giveaways will be involved!

You know how every year we give out swag bags full of goodies from merchants on the street?! And Crimson Tate stuffs them full to the gills with fabrics, notions, books, and fun?!?! And oodles of little lovers hang out in front of the store before we open? Sometimes showing up at 6:00AM?

We CANNOT do that this year. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And I cannot tell you how sad I am about this. I, like more than ever before, would love to see your faces, give hugs, catch up. Breathe a collective sigh of joy and happiness. But tomorrow isn’t the day for this.

Our desire is to keep everyone safe, customers and employees. So this year, we aren’t gonna have the same frenzy and furry at the start of the day. And we’re asking you to shop at CRIMSONTATE.COM in lieu of coming down. So instead, we are translating our fun to ONLINE!!

Tickets with your name on them!

TELL ME MORE ABOUT THOSE DRAWINGS!! How do you get into the drawing? For every $20 you spend, we’ll add your name to the Tumbler of Fun for prizes. What are the prizes you may ask?!?! We’re giving away fat quarter bundles, fat quarters, swag, notions, patterns, joy, a jar of pickles, and more! We are giving away a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink LINEWORK and a fat quarter bundle of Tamra Kate, not yet released into the world.

And then, by 2:00 PM on Sunday, we will have your online order ready for Curbside Pickup Sunday! Locals can come through a “drive-thru” of picking up at the Art Bank parking lot! So now all of your local pickups can be retrieved in one spot at one time. Welcome to the big dance!

Curbside Pickup Sunday November 29th 2-5PM

Celebrate Small Business Saturday safely by making your purchases online, then come to our drive thru curbside pickup event on Sunday and pickup all your Mass Ave orders without ever leaving your car! Bonus: There will be swag bags for the first 100 cars coming to pickup orders! Pick up will be in the Art Bank Parking lot at the corner of Mass and St. Clair, enter from St. Clair (just east of College) drive thru and pick up your orders from each business (trunk of treat style), then exit onto Mass Ave. Participating stores and websites:

Silver in the City – https://silverinthecity.com

Crimson Tate – https://www.crimsontate.com/

Homespun – https://shop.homespunindy.com/

Boomerang BTQ – https://www.boomerangboutique.com/

Decorate – http://www.decorateindy.com

Nestle Inn – https://nestleindy.com/

Stouts Footwear – https://shoestores.com/

We’ll see you in the parking lot! The FIRST 100 CARS get a Mass Ave / AMEX shopping bag filled with gifts, coupons, and more! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Can’t wait to chat with you LIVE tomorrow!! See you ONLINE!



12 Days of Holidays Gift Giving Guide for Quilters, Sewers, and Crafty McCraftersons


Follow along and see what we’re up to during the 12 Days of Holidays.  You’ll find that most photos have links to help you find what you’re for! This is a list of gift ideas as well as rambling thoughts from yours truly.Get ready.  Let’s talk gifts for sewers and quilters.


First Day!!

You guys!  It’s that time of year again when I email you to tell you stories, and showcase ideas for gift giving and receiving!  I imagine that you could easily forward this email along to one of your best gift givers and they’d get the hint that you’d love this for yourself, or others, this holiday season.
To start Day One of 12 Days Of Holidays, I’m not gonna be too long winded.  I imagine if artist Julia Rothman and Heather Givans (hey, that’s me, so weird) were real life friends, this Writer Celebration Kit would be their collaboration. Typewriters, clip boards, paper clips, and an assortment of papers, together they write and doodle and giggle and play. The Julia Rothman fabrics in this fat quarter bundle are from the archive and are in limited quantity. Welcome to day one of gift-giving idea funtime. ✏️📖📃📎 
The top photo makes me giggle.  I took it last week and I thought OH MY WORD.  It looks like an Olan Mills photograph.  Do they still exist?  I kinda want to go get my holiday photos taken there. It’s probably too late for a profesh photo this year, huh?  Bonus points if you got or are getting family portraits done.  In all seriousness, it’s so special later in life to look back on those memories.
crimsontate # juliarothman # heathergivans # projectstarters #bundles # NaNoWriMo

Day 2 Stocking Stuffer

What!?!  This is so much fun.  We’ve built our own notions stocking stuffer filled with incredibly useful, functional, but awesome stuff.  Here’s what you’re gonna get:

Gold retractable tape measure
Rainbow Unicorn Snips
(10) Wonder Clips
(20) size 9 Bohin betweens needles
Dritz Hummingbird Needle Threader
Bobbin Holder
Tulip Bobbin Clamp
Thread Peel

So, there are some interesting things happening in this box.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of a Hummingbird Needle Threader?  Or the line-up of bobbin holders, clamps and thread peels?  These little buddies are a great way to keep your thread and bobbin organized.  And we will send a cute little box to house it all in along with Crimson Tate tissue and fabric ribbon. Gift ready to be given! 

Gertrude Turns 14 Today!

Ummmm.  December 11 is a super special day.  It’s the day at my house that we celebrate my teeny-tiny rat terrier Gertrude’s birthday.  We’ve had Grandma Gertrude for a long time and quite honestly, she might be the most mild, sweetest dog ever.  She has moved with me from Lafayette, IN to Duluth, MN, back to Indianapolis back to Duluth and then back to Indianapolis occupying two houses in the past 14 years.  Shewwwww.  That’s a lot to think about.  It’s funny how we tell time.
Way back when dear friend Kristin Kohn opened a second location of Silver in the City in Lafayette, IN, I helped manage the store and played there for a few years where while my partner Jamie was working on her doctorate at Purdue University.  Gertrude became FAMOUS as a puppy working and sleeping in the window.  She was even showcased in a local magazine.  Too-tee-dooo.  So happiest of birthdays sweet Gertie.  I always thought I’d have kids and as it turns out, this little girl became my heart.  God I love her so much.  (And Olive, too.)  What a sweet reflection for the day.  I’d love to see your little fur critters, too.  Or your human ones.  
Sending so much love from here.


Day 3 – Paintchip Basics

It’s day THREE! 12 Days of Holiday Gift Giving ideas is here. Today contains these beautiful FreeSpirit solids put into collections we call Paintchip Basics. Each color story is a range of value and intensity to inspire new color choices or to round out projects. Cherries Jubilee, Rayo de Sol, Grasshopper, Mermaid, Bluebird, Spirited Jacaranda, and Macaron are all value priced right now! The Pride – IYG pack is a fundraiser we do for Indiana Youth Group so the purchase of that little buddy is going good in our community so thank you for that. Let’s collect ‘em all!!
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.36.34 AM.png
Image from colorfactory.co

Color Factory

While I was in Houston, TX at the International Quilt Market and Show this past October, I made time in my schedule to go to the newly open Color Factory in Houston. I always try, when I can, to involve some type of museum or local culture when I’m traveling around teaching and speaking at guilds. You.  Guys. The Color Factory was so cool.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.  The exhibits I witnessed weren’t sophisticated but they were inspiring.  I mean, COLOR, right?!  And my takeaway was that the artist instillations were fascinating but what made it even more spectacular were the people.  The employees were spirited and excited and thrilled to introduce you to all of the amazing color and wonder found within the space.  My friends that I went with were excited and in awe.  We came to the reality that, you got out of it what you put into it.  I’ve held on to that lesson. And I love that the employees of Crimson Tate embody that same spirit.  This has always been important to me.  And that so many of you found your way to Crimson Tate because you see positivity and happiness as a daily practice.  Some days it’s easier than others.
This year has been a big year of change in finding new ways of working and figuring out how to work differently.  Crimson Tate, as you know, is always going in a gazillion directions.  This is exactly how I work (oh yeah, I’m the architect of this ship).  I’ve always gone in a lot of directions and I can remember being sad one time when someone called me a divergent thinker.  I don’t know why that made me sad, but now, I embrace it and see it as one of my better qualities.  I’ve organized my life so that I’m constantly going in a lot of directions from the workings of fabric store operations to creating fabric designs, coming up with and creating new patterns, wholesale opportunities, headband creations, blah blah. etc, I’m always moving.  My perspective has been, even if I have to convince myself from time to time, that change encourages creativity.  New ways of working and figuring out new methods for best practices can be exhausting but it also can allow for reflection, refinement, growth and it can encourage fresh perspectives if you allow it to.  I’m all about self-reflection and awareness.
I see these Paintchip Boxes as a metaphor for this idea.  Sometimes, you need a range of colors, opportunities, ways of working, to round out what you’re working on.  And truth is, these boxes are super beautiful.  It can be that simple. And our lives and purpose can be that simple, too.  Thanks for being in the big old beautiful and diverse community together.  We’re like living in one big Paintchip box.  I like the idea of that.
xoxo and lots of love and more tomorrow, maybe not so rambley, 

Day 4: Dresden Plate Ornament / Pin Cushion


It’s a two-fer!!!  Is it a pin cushion?  Is it an ornament?  Pin cushion?  Ornament?  Either way, this dual purpose gift screams “I’m CRAFTY and FESTIVE.”  That is a total win/win in my book.
Since it’s a two-fer I’m including these luxurious Bohin pins in the mix.  We carry 12 different colors and it’s sure to please.  With this pin cushion you can keep all the colors in rainbow order or if you’re a free spirit, you can stick ’em wherever you want.
I love how sharp Bohin needles are.  That and they’re from France so they seem fancy just by the nature of their travels.
Happy Day 4 of 12 Days of Holidays!!! And thank you for all the emails I got yesterday concerning my rambling on Day 3.  Sorry about the spelling errors but thanks for knowing and realizing what I was trying to get at.  Someone please add “needs spell checker” to the list of next employees.  🙂
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.37.25 AM.png

Two Years Ago

On this very weekend two years ago, I trekked up to Camp Tecumseh to take photographs of my soon to be announced Night Hike fabric collection. Inspired by summer camp, the night sky, the Aurora Borealis (the Northern lights) and a sweet little love letter to my Grandma Mac (Lois as many of you know her) in the form of boundary water lake maps, this collection is very personal to me.  It’s hard to believe that the fabrics are almost gone.  We only have three fat quarter bundles left.  Shewwwwww.  I can’t believe it.  
That weekend was the coldest we’d had all season as it was single digit temperatures.  We played outside pretended it was warm but we were FREEZING.  I love looking back on these memories and spending that weekend with Jamie and my buddy Eric, who took the look book photographs.  Here’s a photo montage of our tropical adventure.
Ummmm.  Tomorrow should be AMAZING if Mr. FedEx comes through for us today.  Catch you on Day 5!

Day 5 – Charley Harper!! OH BOY!

Day 5 brings us the most lovely fabric!!!  Charley Harper Winter Wonderlandis here.  I cannot believe it!  This lil’ 8-piece collection is the sweetest.  Screen printed on organic poplin, you’re gonna love the hand of this fabric.  I’m so glad Nat the FedEx dude found this box.  It was supposed to arrive earlier in the week and I’m so thrilled the time is now!!!

From cardinals to nuthatches to chipmunks to deer.  There’s a lil’ woodland critter for us all.  If you’re a birder, you gotta have this collection.  We have made fat quarter, half yard, and full yard bundles and we’ve got some yardage, too.  If you’re dreaming of quilts, napkins, pillowcases, and stockings, this lil’ collection is one to consider.
Tell your people!  This one is a major keeper.
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.43.40 AM.pnge1bab7ded28f6bb680e8d81b_1220x814.jpg


Day 6 of 12 Days of Holidays is TODAY!

Day Six!!! Hoooray. The beautiful African Wax Block Print Half Square Triangle quilt kit is a fantastic choice for holiday gift giving!! The kit is comprised of two (42-pc) 5” packs of African wax block prints and 1.75 yards of Essex linen in espresso. Tied with a ribbon and with a quick guide on how to construct HST. If you really want to win, pair this lovely with a 4.5” HST Bloc_Loc ruler and you’ll be set! All the links are stories. Also, recipes for building your own! We have 20 different Essex linens and Manchester fabrics to choose from. Build your own kit!!! Ohhhh yes!
Photo from hawkridge.org

Hawk Ridge in Duluth, MN

With the advent of the new Charley Harper Winter Wonderland fabric, I couldn’t help think about all the birders I know.  For decades friends have gone to Hawk Ridge in Duluth, MN and participated in the raptor migration count. It blew my mind when I learned about how and why so many raptors would migrate through the western tip of Lake Superior, right where Duluth is located. But why?  Why do they fly through the eastern part of Duluth?
One of nature’s remarkable spectacles can be witnessed each fall at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve. Migrating raptors, originating from summer breeding areas as far north as the Arctic and with wintering destinations as far south as points in South America, concentrate in impressive numbers at the western tip of Lake Superior.

Most raptors are reluctant to cross large bodies of water. When they migrate south and encounter Lake Superior, the birds naturally veer southwest along the lakeshore. They concentrate in impressive numbers on the bluffs overlooking East Duluth and can be easily seen from the overlook at Hawk Ridge. Of the 20 species of raptors and vultures that have been seen at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, the peregrine falcon and gyrfalcon are among the rarest. Whether species are common or rare, they are all thrilling to watch as they traverse the ridge, often at or below eye level.
WHAT?!?!  I could witness this happening through an upstairs window of my house in Duluth and it was fascinating.  Definitely check out  hawkridge.org and let me know if you’re planning a trip to Duluth.  You can go visit Gram Mac or my in-laws or that spirited Karen McTavish Studio. 😉
xoxoxo and hoping for snow,
Heather (below, me and my favorite raptor)

Day 7: Fetching Holiday Fabrics

Day 7 of 12 Days of Holidays brings a petite sale. All Lewis & Irene, Waku Waku, Rae Ritchie holiday fabrics, and Elf on the Shelf accessory panels are on sale! 20% off yardage, panels, and bundles.
You guys, I have so much fun taking the photos for all of these emails but I have to admit, the ideas and mischief that I was going to make Stuart, our Elf on the Shelf, get into just never transpired.  So, really, I’ll I’ve got for him are some nice Olan Mills shots and a hope that next year, I’ll build some wrongdoing for him to execute.  In the mean time, you can create your own accessories for your elf or take advantage of the beautiful Lewis & Irene fabrics.  Did you know that the brand Lewis & Irene is British designed and manufactured?  That’s kinda cool.  And I love the fairy tale aspects of their art.  Check out more below!32ee58ee8e8adaac0ed147de_1220x814.jpg

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.48.52 AM.png




I remember being a kid and getting to call the Santa Hotline where there was a recording on the other end and it was Santa laughing and giving well wishes.  And as a kid, that was powerful. I wondered if anything like this still exists and yesterday I stumbled upon Dial-A-Carol. 
Dial-A-Carol is a student-run holiday program at the University of Illinois. Each year the students of Snyder Hall, a University Housing residence hall, host the holiday program Dial-A-Carol. It started in December 1960 by Betty Gordon, an area office secretary, and the residents of Snyder Hall who wanted to spread some holiday cheer around campus.

The idea behind the program is quite simple. Anyone from anywhere can call them and request a holiday tune to be sung over the telephone. The program runs 24 hours a day for seven days and is held each year during finals week of the first semester.
You guys.  I called them yesterday.  It is AWESOME!  You need to gather your friends, coworkers, family, pets, whomever! Gather them around the phone and request a holiday tune.  The college kids on the other end of the line were enthusiastic and fun.  It made me cry a little to think about the opportunity to live in that dorm and participate in that tradition.  CALL THEM!  It will only last a few more days!!  According to their facebook page, they’ve hit 3000 callers and have had one researcher from Antarctica call two days ago.  So.  Much.  Fun.  You’ll find them at: (217) 332-1882.
More tomorrow.  

Day 8: Stocking Kits!!

Hootie hoo!!! Day 8 of 12 brings Stocking Kits! We have been teaching holiday stocking making since the very beginning of time. Well, for eight years! And the cool thing is that ya kinda always need another stocking. For the new baby, the neighbors who just moved in, for the distraught friend whose stocking got accidentally thrown away. What!? You know what I mean. Stockings are welcoming and a totally accomplishable craft in hectic holiday moments. Each kit comes with fabric for boot, cuff, interior lining, fusible fleece and a pattern. I even wrote a blog post about elusive step six in the pattern. Here’s the link if you wanna check it out.  
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.51.35 AM.png

Mail Carrier Approved!

Hoooray! According to our mail carrier Shawn, we’ve still got a little time to throw some packages at her so that she can throw them at you.  She’s the best.  The USPS says we can still mail packages up until the 20th and not have to worry.  Of course, we can send them after that but that is when we all start to sweat if you’re trying to make it Christmas.  So get your gift givers involved.  We can ship it to you easy peezy and because we try to be swift, we typically get your order out the door if you place it before 2:00 PM EST.  We’re like Amazon except there are four employees at Crimson Tate.  And we don’t have millions of products.  And we don’t have a warehouse.  OK.  We’re nothing like Amazon except we will ship stuff to you.  That’s fun, right?!
I’m sure some of you have heard the story that when I was in college, I worked at summer camp almost every summer.  But one summer, my sister got married and I couldn’t spend the summer at camp so I spent the summer writing letters to my buddies at camp.  
Every day I would send out oodles of pieces of mail, envelopes decorated. I’d use a 1000 stamps to send them because, well, it’s more fun!!  My big artistic break came when my mail carrier knocked on the door and asked if I was the one sending all of the mail.  She asked me decorate her wedding invitations!  She said she’d pay me real money to do so!!  That was the first moment I realized that people got PAID to address envelopes? To doodle and draw? Like, that could be your JOB?!  Count me in.  I spent hours and hours and hours of my life decorating those envelopes. And sometimes I think if I wasn’t hanging out at Crimson Tate I’d make a path decorating envelopes.  
Thanks for listening.  See you tomorrow!!!
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.54.15 AM.png

Day 9: Sally Kelly!! So Good.

I am predicting that this bundle right here is going to WIN all gift giving situations this holiday season. The Hallmark of Hanukah. The Champion of Christmas. The Great Success of Solstice. Feast your eyes on Sally Kelly’s Fantasy collection and get ready for total joy. All those colors. I am a big fan. So let it snow and let it be. Here’s Day 9 of 12 Days of Holidays Gift Giving Ideas for Quilters or for Yourself.
I must highlight that while this is a 28-piece collection of quilting weight cottons, there are also four more fabrics that are printed on lawn!  Check out the lawn fabrics here. Amy, cat whisperer at Crimson Tate, recently made a pair of pants from the lawn.  To. Die. For.  The next time you’re in the store, you need to feel these fabrics.
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.55.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 11.56.02 AM.png

9bf73fcd456a6fe352a5eee5_678x880.jpgDuluth News Tribune

So, I subscribe to the electronic version of the Duluth News Tribune even though I live in Indianapolis, IN.  I like to know what is going on in the northland and often don’t make it past the front page but you guys, TODAY the front page of the the DNT did not disappoint.  It is all about the local Aquarium taking their skunks for a walk. First, the aquarium has skunks? Second, they get put on leashes and taken outside for a walk? As an aside, the temperature in Duluth is -13 today!  That’s crazy. And I really love it.  I can’t wait to call or text with Grandma Mac later today to discuss Snacks and Snoops, the skunks, and chat about their daily outdoor adventures.  I know that probably a lot of small town newspapers have human interest stories as front page news but of course, for me, Duluth News Tribune is ultimate.  Just you wait until there’s a sled dog story or how the lift bridge got frozen shut prohibiting the ore ships from setting sail, you better believe I’m going to email you to let you know.  
Make it a great day, kids!  See you tomorrow.

Day 10 is HERE!

OK.  I’m not gonna lie.  I have SO MANY ideas of what would make good gifts, I had a hard time deciding what today would highlight.  But I landed on one concept, tools.  And the two tools that are the most excellent gifts we’ve got.
First up is a pair of Gingher scissors.  These are lifetime scissors.  In fact, they probably will be passed along to the next generation, too.  Razor sharp right out of the box, you can keep them that way with a little care and occasionally having them sharpened.  Snippy Jim comes to Crimson Tate from time to time; he’s our scissor sharpening dude.  So investing in an awesome pair of sharpenable scissors is wise.  You need those dudes to remain sharp!  
Second choice of the day is below.  Hand-turned seam ripper / stiletto combos.  They are fancy and fun.  One end is a seam ripper.  One end is a stiletto.  Made by local artist Everly Coleman, we are pleased to offer these for the first time this holiday season.

Left Handedness & Scissors

In kindergarten, I broke my left arm in a bouncy-house situation right when we were learning to use scissors and I was forced to learn with my right hand.  And as a leftie whose outer left hand was covered constantly in pencil smears, learning to use scissors with my right hand was a challenge.  But imagine my five year old self cast on one arm, scissors in the other, I was determined but I typically moved at my own pace which was turtle speed.  I’ve always been a bit pokey.  And by pokey, I mean slow.  And by slow, I mean in school, I was usually the last person to complete an assigned task.  I lost endless recesses because I couldn’t master my mathematical times tables in the prescribed time.  I knew how to do it.  I had them memorized.  I just didn’t have the swiftness to get the information onto the paper in the “right” amount of time.  Good news is that I really liked my teacher so I didn’t mind sitting at my desk and working on math problems if it meant I got to hang out with her, even if it was during recess.  I didn’t hate math.  I loved it (and still do).  I didn’t like time.  I think I’m still that way.  I definitely get lost in what I’m doing and lose track of time and that’s when time becomes an issue.
I’m pictured above, lower left.  This is a photo of my Grandma I call Maw Maw and my siblings and cousins at New Years.  I started thinking about offering left-handed scissors at Crimson Tate and the woes I’ve heard from left-handed customers who can’t find what they are looking for.  And that request sent me down a path of thinking about why I’m left-handed and use right-handed scissors and then the broken arm and all roads point back to childhood where copious amounts of time were spent with my grandparents.  
I’ve been thinking lately about how as a kid I’d get lost in the smallest of details like counting the yarns on the quilt Maw Maw gave me.  Or burying treasures in the yard and making maps to find them again.  I want to spend more time doing things like that.  Making maps, observing nature, learning to do things with my opposite hand.  And you know what that takes?  Time.  And sometimes that comes at a turtle pace.  And curiosity.  And permission to not be the best or the fastest, or to give yourself grace if “all of your points don’t line up.”
And as we race toward the holidays, which promises the opportunity to slow down, I am trying to make the time and space now to get lost in what is right in front of me.  Find beauty in objects, sentiments, mistakes, inconveniences, and learning something new.  It all takes time.
Only two more days of the 12 Days of Holidays!  
See you tomorrow.


Quick Stocking Tute

It’s Holiday Funtime and many of you are building stockings using a quickie pattern we put together for our stocking kits.  Here’s a brief photo explanation of the the Greek written in step six!

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 9.40.46 AM.png

Here’s what the finished stockings looks like. The step-out photos are of  the cool frog stocking on the right:


Have you:

  • Sewn exterior right sides together, clipped the curves, turned right sides out and ironed nicely?
  • Sewn interior right sides together, left a small gap in the arch of the boot?  (No need to clip curves or turn WST because it will always live RST)
  • Sewn hanging tab using double fold and top stitch to hold together?
  • Sewn cuff along short edge and folded wrong sides together with raw edge facing up?  Meaning the fold is down the raw edge is up?

If you answered yes to all four questions then here is how to proceed.

Place cuff on top of exterior fabric with all raw edges up.  I like to align the seam of the cuff with the seam of the boot along the calf edge, just to make a nicer finish.  See next photo.

Pin in two places with pin heads facing out of the top of the stocking.


Pin hanging tab to the calf edge of the boot with raw edges up (loop facing down). 


Closer view of tab


Next, on the exterior boot, roll the toe making it easier to shove into the boot lining.  


Shove the exterior boot with pinned cuff and tab into the interior boot lining. 


Wrangle the interior boot and the exterior boot/cuff to align the raw edges, pin together in four places making sure you don’t lose your tab!  Be mindful of the tab remaining pinned in place. 


Sew around upper edges securing all the layers: lining, exterior, cuff, and tab.  Once sewn, pull exterior through the arch of the lining.

Yayyyyy!!!!! You did it.  I’ll continue to add more detailed instruction.  Yell if you have questions!


Midnight Shopper, Small Business Saturday, and Comfort Quilt Sewing @ Crimson Tate 2019-Style


Holy moly!  How is it already November?! And in particular, how is it already the week before Thanksgiving?!  Whoaaaaaaaa.  We want to alert you to some awesome goings-on here at Crimson Tate in the next few weeks.

Here’s what’s up!

On Friday November 22, we are gonna be open late.  Shewwwwwww.  All the way to 9:00 PM.  Yahoo.  Come on down and coordinate your holiday sewing projects and enjoy some merriment with the kids at Crimson Tate.

Starting at 3:00 PM we are hosting a Build-Your-Own Countdown to Fun box.


Sign up to build your own box.  For someone else?  For yourself?  Either way, we will provide you with all the necessary components to build a box and make your own fabric selections.  We have elves at the ready to fat quarter the particular fabrics you need to build your box.  And of course to help you insert some glitter in there, too.

We’ve opened up three sections to choose from.  Find the class schedule here!

Not interested in building your own?! You want a Countdown to Fun box already put together?  Purchase it online here! It’s super fun, y’all.

Next on the agenda, let’s chat about Small Business Saturday.SmallBusinessSaturday_CT

Have you ever been to Crimson Tate on Small Business Saturday?!  So much is happening on the street that it’s best I tell you about it in bullet point format.  That’s serious you guys.   I rarely employ the bullet point system unless it’s critical.  Here goes!

…but wait…there’s more…


  • Every hour (on the hour-ish) we’ll be giving away one of TEN amazing Crimson Tate swag bags filled with some of our favorite patterns, fabrics, books, notions and love. For every $25 you spend, you’ll receive a ticket that will go into the drawing.  No need to be present to win.

…but wait…there’s more…


It’s one of the best days of the year around here.  We are so honored and elated by all of the support and friendship displayed on this day.  We are GIVING AWAY TULA PINK’S HOMEMADE fat quarter bundle along with Tula’s iron on patch and enamel pin!!! (I just got light headed from EXCITEMENT!)

  • All of the tickets collected throughout the day will be added to the gigantic barrel of holiday happiness and one super lucky winner will be taking home this coveted fabric, not yet in fabric stores.  In fact, it doesn’t arrive on the scene until March!!  This bundle is going to be one of TWO grand prizes at the end of the day.

…but wait…there’s more…


It wouldn’t be the holidays if we weren’t giving away advanced fat quarters of the fabric created Heather Givans.  Wait.  That’s me!  This is my new collection, Pencil Club, hitting stores in January and it can be yours NOW.

  • All of the tickets collected throughout the day will be added to the gigantic barrel of holiday happiness and one super lucky winner will be taking home this coveted fabric, not yet in fabric stores.  In fact, it doesn’t arrive on the scene until January!!

…but wait…there’s more…

70148342_10101221084424111_6884887834537230336_o-1This year, we are including a philanthropic opportunity to support our buddies at Indiana Comfort Quilts.  Crimson Tate will give you multiple opportunities to win stuff.  Win-win, right?!

Help support the efforts of IU Health Comfort Quilts.

I’d like to invite you to support the efforts of local IU Health Comfort Care Quilt group, spearheaded by Crimson Tate customer and friend trauma surgeon Dr. Ashely Meagher.  The group creates quilts for trauma patients who are at the end of their treatment and are receiving only palliative care.  What this means is that their conditions are terminal and nothing more can be done.  This is where Ashley’s love and compassion for her patients, and her passion for quilting kicks in.  She has created a network of quilters who make quilts for these patients to use in their final days.  What a beautiful, tangible way to express care and love for local families who are faced with sobering realities.  Those quilts will be passed on to the families of the patients.   Ashley from the beginning has made a conscience effort to create a partnership with Crimson Tate for which I am incredibly grateful and hope that you, too, will help create a small lap quilt for her cause.
There are a number of ways you can help:
1) Make a quilt – ~40″ x 50-60″  which will fit on a hospital bed.  Please, no religious, holiday, or children’s themes
2) Make a quilt top – these will be used during  quilting parties to make “sandwich and tie quilts”
3) Donate fabric, batting, thread, notions
If you’ve got the time, you’ve got some stash, I’d love to invite you to create a Comfort Quilt for the patients of the trauma unit at IU Health.

Quilts 40″ x 50-60″ are needed!

Starting now November 18 through the new year, we are COLLECTING QUILTS FOR IU HEALTH COMFORT QUILT project.  Let’s whip some together and help our friends in the Comfort Quilt group get a needed boost.

On Small Business Saturday we are accepting donations of finished quilts, quilt tops, new batting in packages, fat quarters, fabric to be used for backing and binding, and thread.  Bring in new fabrics you wish to part ways with and we’ll give you a tickets for our drawings as thanks for supporting our friends.

We at Crimson Tate thank you for donating to their project.  Imagine being able to use your talents and know-how to provide compassion and care to someone who is at the end of their life.  Amazing.  What an amazing gift.


…but wait…there’s more…

We are so excited about ALL OF IT that we want to start the party early.  For every $25 you spend starting November 22, we’re gonna add you to the big barrel of possibility to win the Tula Pink Homemade bundle or the Heather Givans Pencil Club bundle!  That’s right, y’all.  We’re gonna start giving out tickets starting at Midnight Shopper!  Crimson Tate will be open until 9:00 PM on November 22!!! Get in here and let the party begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Crimson Tate,

I live in the far far reaches of the world and won’t be able to make it to Crimson Tate on Small Business Saturday.  Is there anyway I can participate by purchasing items online to be entered to win?  How’s that gonna work?  Sincerely, Lover from the Far Reaches

Dear Precious Lil’ Lover from Yonder Town,

Don’t fear!  We’ve got you.  On Small Business Saturday we’re going to enter you into the hourly drawings!  That’s right.  For every $25 you spend we’ll generate tickets for you and add you to the drawing.  Wooooot!  And starting now until end of day on Saturday (6:00 PM EST) we’ll add you to the larger drawing, too.  So go for it!!

Dear Tate de Crimson,

I’m an international customer.  Am I eligible to win the bundles or hourly tote bag giveaways?  I’m tres excited to know.  Sincerely, La International Customer

Dear International Friend,

Yessss!!! Part of the reason we switched our online game was so that we could offer international shipping!!! We hope you’ll be our customer, too!  We’d love to enter you into the hourly drawings.  As far as the bundles go, we’re going to offer it to you, too. Get in there and buy some stuff.  Best of luck!

Dear Crimson Tate,

I am a mega mega fan!  How many times can I shop at your store and be eligible to win? I’m so excited to play and I’m super competitive.  Sincerely, I NEED TO WIN

Dear Needy,

Seriously! Get in here.  Get on crimsontate.com – you can shop everyday multiple times a day.  All of your purchases will be eligible for our many giveaways!  And thank you for being a mega fan.  We’re so honored.

Dear Crimson Tate,

I’ve been considering becoming a VIP.  If I become a VIP, can I get tickets for that?  Also, I was thinking about buying myself a gift certificate and then I want to use that gift certificate to buy my VIP membership.  Will I get tickets for the purchase of the gift certificate and then also when I use the gift certificate to get my awesome VIP tote bag and pin as a charter member?  Sincerely, Double Dipper

Dear Dipper,

You are so cute.  Here’s the deal, D.  Every gift card purchase made now through Small Business Saturday will be awarded tickets!  Yayayyyyy.  However, if you redeem that gift card during this time period, you won’t get double tickets.  That just makes more admin work for us and we’re not so into that.  If you’ve got a gift card you bought yourself before the game begins, it will be eligible for tickets.  We’ll give you tickets for all your purchases, just not doublely.  Bless your little heart.

Dear Crimson Tate,

Girl! I’m VIP.  Are there any VIP perks for me?!  And do I still accrue points during this time period? You know I love you and I love being at Crimson Tate.  Lemme know, ok? Sincerely, VIP Charter Member

Dear VIP,

YES! You still get points! Just by your beautiful nature of already pledging your love of Ms. Alizarin Crimson Tate (you know that her first name is really Alizarin, right?) as a VIP member, we’re going to enter you into the large drawing.  We threw an artisanal handwritten ticket into the barrel of possibilities with your name on it.  Bam.  You’re important to us.  Don’t you forget it. We love you.  Being VIP is awesome!

Dear Crimson Tate,

I want to contribute to IU Health Comfort Quilts how do I do that?! Sincerely, The Giver

Dear Giver,

Awwwww.  Thank you.  Definitely feel free to mail us your finished quilt.  We will pass it along to the folks at Comfort Quilts.  If you aren’t able to create a quilt, we will have more opportunities to help.  Don’t fret.  We can put your kindness to work and we thank you for being willing.

I HEART Patterns by Annie + #SewPINK + {GIVEAWAY}


Hey hey!!  I’m the next stop on the #SewPINK blog tour.  And honestly, when Annie Unrein asked me to be a part of this #SewPink Initiative, I didn’t hesitate.  I said yes because the fact is that I super love Annie and I’d happily do anything for her.  And because Annie is one of those people who lets you in, you connect with her instantly,  there is no stopping our friendship.

As many of you know, beyond hanging out at Crimson Tate the fabric store, I design fabric for Windham Fabrics. And from the very first collection, Annie volunteered her talents and time to make objects from my designs.

From By Annie’s Catch-All Caddy in Succulents fabric:


To the MJ Tote in Literary fabric:


And now The Out and About Bag made from my latest collection coming in January 2020, Pencil Club:


Here’s a look at the stack of fabric.


I’m so honored to know Annie, and that she makes such wonderful things from my fabrics is a bonus.  When she asked me to be a part of her tour, I said yes without really giving it much consideration.  But as I sat to reflect on the expectation of this commitment and the amazingness that is Annie Unrein, I was stunned.  I am in awe of her commitment to bring awareness to simple acts that can help save people’s lives.  And who is doing that in and for our community?  And who is doing that for themselves?

Here’s what I know.  We are a community of encouragers, creatives, doers, inspiration seekers, sewers, and more.  And a lot of that doing and seeking and encouraging often doesn’t leave room or time for the doing of basic needs like taking care of ourselves.  When was the last time you went to the doctor?  Am I talking to only myself right now? At the core of what ByAnnie Patterns is charging us with is a simple act.  Basic awareness of our own bodies, taking the time to have regular check-ups, and a call to recognizing our own worth.  How beautiful.

I’m reminded of the beautiful song written by musician India Arie that gets to the core of who we are and encapsulates our worth.  Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ism8dBjxKvc

I am light, I am light

[Verse 1]
I am not the things my family did
I am not the voices in my head
I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside
I am light, I am light (x2)

[Verse 2]
I’m not the mistakes that I have made
Or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind
I am light, I am light (x2)

[Verse 3]
I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age
I am not my race
My soul inside is all light, all light
Oh light, all light

[Verse 4]
I am divinity defined
I am the God on the inside
I am a star, a piece of it all
I am light

Annie’s call is definitely simple.

Keep your wits about you.  Recognize your worth.  And, get yourself to the doctor, especially if you haven’t been in a while.  It’s important.  If you need resource and information on understanding how breast cancer effects us, there are great resources on finding screening programs here:

Now onto what I created!  I wanted to make something loving and of course I wanted to use my new fabric collection coming early next year, Pencil Club.


Using the sweet Heart Block Tutorial I created, I set my intention to make a pillow using Pencil Club and using ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable for the interfacing. You can find that tutorial here.

Here are my fabric choices including pencils, erasers, and pencil shavings plus a few Artisan [shot] cottons by Windham fabrics.


I cut a host of squares for the heart and for the back ground, and made four half square triangles.  I followed the tutorial as written but changed how I squared the HST.  I pulled out my Bloc-Loc 2.5″ HST ruler which made it a snap.


I laid out the blocks on my lightweight interfacing, but this time, I laid them out on point which meant I ended up using 57 background squares, 17 heart squares, and four HST to create the top.


Once it was sewn together, I loosely trimmed away the rugged edge. I trimmed just enough so that I could trim again once quilted. I pinned the top to a piece of Soft and Stable, ByAnnie’s foam interfacing, so that I could quilt it.


Once quilted, I sewed a back using an envelope closure method and VOILA — a cute lil’ pillow was born!

IMG_9014 2.jpeg

Thanks for following along.  It was a lot of information today.

We’d like to give away a selection of our patterns to our ByAnnie readers!  Three lucky winners will receive a few patterns, templates, and fabrics from Crimson Tate.  How can you win?!

  1.  Pledge to take care of yourself.

That’s it.  Oh, wait.  I guess you have to give us your information in order for a drawing to happen.  Three ways to enter.

  1. Leave a comment here that says “I LOVE ANNIE” or something similar.
  2. Find and follow both Crimson Tate and Heather Givans on Instagram, leaving a comment on both #SewPINK posts.  Again, emoting your appreciation for Annie Unrein or someone in your life that helps you step back and take stock and take time for yourself will get you two chances to win.
  3. Sign-up for Crimson Tate email newsletter.  You’ll find the link to do so here.

We will draw at the end of October and alert the troops to the winner.  Thank you for following along and thank you for being in this awesome community.

Valori Wells’s Murmur for FreeSpirit is Bright and Beautiful {plus three giveaways}


“Amongst the early morning dew and the rays of sunshine emerge the sounds of summer. The delicate wings of the hummingbird whispering to me – Hello! Good Morning! My heart fills with love and happiness as my garden comes to life with their energy and grace fluttering among the sunflowers. Murmur was inspired by these magnificent creatures and the wonder and delight they bring.”  -Valori Wells

My earliest memory of meeting Valori Wells was at the Kansas City Quilt Market in 2011 when I ran into Val walking to the convention center and my friend Lindsay Lefevere said, “Hey!? I know you!?” Lindsay is a big fan, obvy, and in that moment, a friendship was born.  With each subsequent quilt market, I have admired Val’s bold choice of color and design.  As a fellow printmaker, I love peeking in on her process, inspirations, and layered approach to fabric design.  Murmur, this vibrant hummingbird inspired collection, sways me into loving her even more.

When my buddies at FreeSpirit asked me to hop on the Murmur blog tour, I happily accepted.  I mean, Grandma Mac (Lois) would not have liked it if I passed up a chance to make something from a fabric collection that celebrates the star of most bird feeders in North America.


Twenty-four delightfully beachy-colored fabrics are found in Murmur.  I paired Val’s work with twelve electric FreeSpirit solids, which truly are my favorite to use plus I added good old Arctic white.  I mean, if it’s gonna be beachy, we gotta cool it off with North Pole sashing, y’all.  Because FreeSpirit solids coordinate so seamlessly with many of my favorite designers like Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, and Tula Pink, I can’t stop using them. I’m in love!! The hand is incredibly soft and is the same weight as other FreeSpirit fabrics, which makes me very happy.  Nothing is compromised in the making of these babies.  If you haven’t used them, I would encourage you to give it a try.


Through a series of trial and error, I came up with a design that incorporated stripes, a ginormous 60-degree ruler that I use in my Succulent Garden quilt pattern, and for fun, I wanted an overall emphasis on vertical design.  Here is my process.

First, marvel at Murmur.


Next, coordinate the soft and luxe FreeSpirit solids.


Now, look at them all together, tilting head left then right, squint at some point.


I then separated all of the fabrics into two piles that had equal value and scale and chopped them into .75″ – 3.5″ strips.


Through the magic of the internet, I made a quilt. 😉 I’m not gonna lie, I went through a couple of versions and layouts and landed on what I think is a light and airy design that compliments the brightness of Val’s fabrics.


My quilt obviously celebrates city-dwelling hummingbirds or perhaps the country hummingbirds on vacation in the big city?  Across the street from Crimson Tate, the fabric store I hang out at, there is a massive construction project.  On the day that I took photos of my Murmur quilt, they were full out digging up utilities in the street.  There was no angle that wouldn’t have caught their workings, so I embraced it and kept it in my frame.  Now you get to enjoy it, too.  I’m happy to report the construction is no longer spilling into the street but rather more contained within the parcel of land that is being developed.


IMG_9850 2.jpeg

I love the way the FreeSpirit Mesa (orange) vibrates against the oranges of Murmur.  Some might suggest they love the way oranges and yellows of the construction site pairs nicely with Murmur, too.

Big thanks to the people of FreeSpirit fabrics who invited me along for the ride.  I love this quilt and plan on using it all summer. #bestsummerever

NOTE: GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER.  Now for the nitty gritty.  I’ve got THREE things to giveaway!  Are you ready? I’ve got a fat quarter bundle of Murmur.  I’ve got the entire lot of Murmur as long slim quarters measuring approximately 9″ x 44″, and I’ve got the leftover strips of of both Murmur and FreeSpirit coordinating solids that are already cut into long pieces ready to be sewn.  There are probably enough strips to make a lap-size quilt.  Thank you to the nice folks at FreeSpirit fabrics for the Murmur and to the lovely Crimson Tate for the FreeSpirit solids.  Here are three ways to win!!


  1.  Give Crimson Tate on Instagram a follow, like, and comment on the Murmur post telling  if you’re a city-dwelling humming bird or a country-dwelling hummingbird.  WINNER IS:
  2. Comment on this very blog post with your favorite song to hum.  Or if you don’t like humming, tell us the one song that makes you happy.  WINNER IS:
  3. Added bonus.  Give Heather Givans (that’s me!) on Instagram a follow and see what’s up.  I recently started an Instagram documenting the stuffs I’m working on and what other people are making with my fabrics and designs!  Big news coming down the pike July 1 and I don’t want you to miss it! In order to be entered, please follow my instagram, like the Murmur quilt post, and tell me what your favorite bird is, it’ll give you a third chance to enter.  Be very specific as to the type of bird you love.  There may or may not be bonus prizes being awarded for most creative stories about birds told. If you don’t like birds, you’re ineligible to win.  Just kidding!  Tell me what critters you do like. WINNER IS:

All the bird lovers will enjoy this bird-friendly melody. It’s hilarious. You’re gonna love it.


Check back here on Tuesday, May 28 to see who won!  If you want to know what we’re up to at Crimson Tate, join our email list!  We don’t send many emails (I’m the one that writes them which means it doesn’t happen very often), so you don’t have to worry about your inbox being jammed with emails all the time.  I do send out awesome news and what is new to the store from time to time and to let you know when we’re celebrating or having a sale.  I’d love for you to join in on the fun!  Sign up here.

Thanks for reading all the way through.  You’re a keeper.  I appreciate your time and thank you dearly for being in my creative circle.  Have a great holiday weekend.




Summer Reading Block


I was thrilled when Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson decided to do another Splendid Sampler book and even more thrilled when they invited me to join the list of designers. In fact, I can remember years ago Sarah Lawson from Sew Sweetness telling me “If Pat Sloan ever asks you to do something, you should because she is a great gal.”  And I took Sarah’s advice and jumped right in.

Summer Reading Block

My block is titled Summer Reading.  I can imagine no better vacation than one that involves reading for hours on end.  I created a quick little block that looks like a messy stack of books.  You know that I designed an entire collection of fabric based on books and reading, right?  Check out my fabrics here.


Fun news and hot tip.  Each book with back ground finishes at the same width.  You can make books individually and then decide how you want them to stack on top of each other, creating a new order depending on fabric choice or your need to organize.

I was inspired to put a little block dedicated to books in the Splendid Sampler based on my Personal Library Quilt.  I like to imagine everyone’s Splendid Sampler Quilts with cute little bookshelves of their own, sort of like a Free Little Library for your quilt.


Here’s a lil’ photo montage of the interior and exterior of my home plus a free little library in an adjoining neighborhood.  My home has always featured books as a major decorating motif.  So.  Many.  Books.  I hope you find time this summer to grab a book and spend time learning, dreaming, and enjoying reading.  Oh and of course, sewing, too.



Happy Sewing!  And thank you again Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson for inviting me along for the ride.  I cannot wait to see these sweet little blocks in everyone’s quilts.


Adventures in Paper Piecing & Design by Sarah Elizabeth Sharp

It’s my day on the Adventures in Paper Piecing & Design  Book Tour!!! Hoootie hoo.


I have been friends with Sarah since Crimson Tate fabric store opened in Downtown Indianapolis.  That’s nearly 8 years.  She lives in my city!  I’m super lucky to get to confer and exchange opinions about all things quilting IRL with her, which I covet.  She and our friend Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts are my quilting emergency phone calls and texts when I don’t know WHAT TO DO!!!  They are the most lovely, creative crew I could ever dream to have.  And to boot, Sarah is a plant lover JUST LIKE ME!!

Sarah often lends her creative prowess ALL the time when it’s time for one of my new collections of fabric for Windham Fabrics to go live.  She is a creative force, for sure and I am in awe and love her to pieces.


Plant Lady by Sarah Sharp; Quilting by Marion McClellan

When she was working on the beautiful quilts for her book Adventures in Paper Piecing & Design, she asked me if I would be willing to help make blocks for the Plant Lady Quilt.  I began with the Bamboo shoots block.  Look!  My block made the cover of her book!!!  Let me zoom in so you can see.  😉


I was, as we all often are, in the midsts of a time crunch and was only able to make that one block.  But when thumbing through the designs, I super admired the electric echinacea block in the series and mentioned to Sarah that I’d be interested in making that block; my dream would be to make just that one flower as big as my queen size bed.

And bam.  A dream was born and set into motion.  With Sarah’s help, we blew up the electric echinacea block more than 1000 times to create a quilt block that went from 4.5″ x 9″ to  48″ x 96″.


First steps, tape this beast together!  IMG_1087.jpg

Next steps are to begin tracing the oversized shapes to use as a cutting guide.  What I love about this book is that Sarah includes ways in which to riff within your design.  Brilliant!  So within each of these large pieces, I can create more texture and design, if I choose.  Adventures in Paper Piecing & Design is like having Sarah talk you through the process of design.  If you want to start slow or if you want to go deep, Sarah has logically, intelligently, and creatively laid out a roadmap for you to use to help you achieve your goal.  She is a wonder.


I’m still in the process of tracing and haven’t started sewing yet but obs, I’ve chosen my fabrics.  It’s a blend of my Night Hike collection for Windham Fabrics, JOT Basics for the background, a slug of Artisan Solids and one sneaky Alison Glass fabric because it fits so perfectly with my collection.


I’m excited to begin and hope you will follow the progress of this quilt.  Because I’ve decided to make it as a personal project, I didn’t impose a crazy deadline for myself.  I want to enjoy the process and go deeply when I can.  Thanks for following along.  I’m excited for it to take shape.


As seen in my workspace at home, my world is FULL of plants.

For a chance to win a copy of Sarah’s book and a fat quarter bundle similar to the fabrics I’ve chosen for my quilt, follow me @crimsontate (@heathergivans) and @nohatsquilts, and leave a comment below telling me about your favorite plants. I’m a big time lover of orchid cactuses and all kinds of varieties of jade.  Over on Instagram, tag as many friends as you’d like for additional chances to win and let’s continue the conversation there, too! This giveaway is open internationally until January 28, a big old Monday morning. #adventuresbooktour

Adventures in Paper Piecing & Design
January 7 – 26, 2019

Monday January 7 – Plant Lady
Heather Givans (@crimsontate | crimsontate.com)
Featured Quilter: Marion McClellan (@myquiltdiet)

Tuesday January 8 – Graffiti FPP
Sarah Sharp (@nohatsquilts | nohatsinthehouse.com)

Wednesday January 9 – Design Prompt No. 1 – Learning by the Letter
Giuseppe Ribaudo (aka Giucy Giuce) (@giucy_giuce)

Thursday January 10 – Snooze
Amanda Castor (@materialgirlquilts | materialgirlquilts.com)
Featured Quilter: Karlee Porter (@karleeporterdesign)

Friday January 11 – Design Prompt No. 2 – Traditional with a Twist
Katy Cameron (@the_littlest_thistle | the-littlest-thistle.com)

Saturday January 12 – Prickly Path
Anneliese Johnson (@eyecandyquilts | eyecandyquilts.com)
Featured Quilter: Angela Walters (@angelafmq)
Featured Fabric Designer: Alison Glass (@alisonglass)

Monday January 14 – Design Prompt No. 3 – Objects
Alison Robins (@littleislandquilting)

Tuesday January 15 – Voodoo Feathers
Jennifer Sampou (@jennifersampou | jennifersampou.com)

Wednesday January 16 – Design Prompt No. 4 – Creatures
Anne Sullivan (@playcrafts | play-crafts.com)

Thursday January 17 – Folksy Friends
Sarah Sharp (@nohatsquilts | nohatsinthehouse.com)
Featured Quilter: Kathleen Riggins (@kathleenquilts)

Friday January 18 – Design Prompt No. 5 – Think Outside the (Square) Block
Cath Hall (@wombatquilts | wombatquilts.com)

Saturday January 19 – Fireflies
Sarah Lauzon (@cera.bee | sarahjlauzon.com)
Featured Quilter: Rachael Dorr (@rachaeldorr)

Sunday January 20 – Sunday Book Review!
Sarah Ashford (@sarahashfordstudio)

Tuesday January 22 – Design Prompt No. 6 – Repeat Designs
Allison Dutton (@allisonsews | allison-sews.blogspot.com)

Wednesday January 23 – Jungleview
Merran Fryer (@123bluejumper)

Thursday January 24 – Design Prompt No. 7 – Single Foundation Paper Piecing
Jamie Swanson (@jamiemswansonquilts)

Friday January 25 – Double Diamond Wedding Ring
Elisabeth Hardy (@elisabew | elisabewquilts.com)
Featured Quilter: Andrea Munro (@practicaldazzle)

Saturday January 26 – Recap and Photography
Sarah Sharp (@nohatsquilts | nohatsinthehouse.com)
Eric Lubrick (@ericlubrick | ericlubrick.com)