ANNOUNCING ALL KINDS of giveaways on top of more giveaways, fun plus let’s chat about Small Business Saturday, 2022 Funtime @ Crimson Tate!

Have you ever been to Crimson Tate on Small Business Saturday?!  So much is happening on the street that it’s best I tell you about it in bullet point format.  That’s serious you guys.   I rarely employ the bullet point system unless it’s critical.  Here goes!

  • The first 10 people through the door will receive an amazing swag bag from Crimson Tate with all kinds of Crimson Tate goodies.   Those bags will also be stuffed with goods and giveaways from 14 participating stores such as our best friends at Silver in the CityDecorateHomespun, Leviathan Bakehouse, and more!!

…but wait…there’s more…

  • Every hour (on the hour-ish) we’ll be giving away one of EIGHT amazing Crimson Tate swag bags filled with some of our favorite patterns, fabrics, books, notions and love. For every $20 you spend, you’ll receive a ticket that will go into the drawing.  No need to be present to win. That means, if you’re shopping from home, you’ll have a chance to win!!! We’ll ship you your prize. WHAT?!

…but wait…there’s more…

t’s one of the best days of the year around here.  We are so honored and elated by all of the support and friendship displayed on this day.  We are GIVING AWAY AMAZING PRIZES ALL DAY AND SOME SUPER GRAND PRIZES AT THE END!!!! We employ something we like to call The Big Barrel of Fun. We’re gonna put your name in our Big Barrel of Fun and draw for prizes all day long at the top of the hour.

…but wait…there’s more…

The Fireside Quilt by Suzy Quilts made from Tula Pink fabrics is another grand prize!!!! Love it and need it now? Can’t wait for the drawing to see if you win? Find it here.

…but wait…there’s more…

31-day Countdown to Fun is the grand grand prize!!! One lucky winner is gonna be gifted this awesome box. Love this buddy?! We have a few you can purchase RIGHT NOW! It’s almost time to start opening these lil’ buddies. Find them here.

…but wait…there’s more…

Any purchase you make between November 26 – November 30, you’ll receive tickets for every $20 that will go into the GINORMOUS BARREL OF FUN where we’re gonna draw for a WINNER OF ALL WINNERS SUPER GRAND PRIZE which is a kit for the Traverse Block of the Month HAPPENING NOW!!!!!

Choose between Gemstone and Sandstone. Wanna jump in and buy one now?! Find it here.

This year we’re bringing back an oldie but a goodie, we are including a philanthropic opportunity to support our buddies at Indiana Comfort Quilts.  Crimson Tate will give you multiple opportunities to win stuff.  Win-win-win, right?!

Help support the efforts of IU Health Comfort Quilts.

I’d like to invite you to support the efforts of local IU Health Comfort Care Quilt group, spearheaded by Crimson Tate customer and friend, trauma surgeon Dr. Ashely Meagher.  The group creates quilts for trauma patients who are at the end of their treatment and are receiving only palliative care.  What this means is that their conditions are terminal and nothing more can be done.  This is where Ashley’s love and compassion for her patients, and her passion for quilting kicks in.  She has created a network of quilters who make quilts for these patients to use in their final days.  What a beautiful, tangible way to express care and love for local families who are faced with sobering realities.  Those quilts will be passed on to the families of the patients.   Ashley from the beginning has made a conscience effort to create a partnership with Crimson Tate for which I am incredibly grateful and hope that you, too. She has made a commitment to procure and source as much as she can from local, independently owned fabric stores.

How can you help?! Can you create a small lap quilt for her cause?

There are a number of ways you can help:

1) Make a quilt – ~40″ x 50-60″  which will fit on a hospital bed.  Please, no religious, holiday, or children’s themes

2) Make a quilt top – these will be used during  quilting parties to make “sandwich and tie quilts”

3) Donate fabric, batting, thread, notionsIf you’ve got the time, you’ve got some stash, I’d love to invite you to create a Comfort Quilt for the patients of the trauma unit at IU Health.

Quilts approximately 40″ x 50-60″ are needed!

Don’t have time to quilt?! Wanna give supplies needed? For every batting you purchase specifically for Comfort Care Quilts, Crimson Tate will match your purchase. You purchase one batting we donate one batting. You purchase 12 battings for Comfort Care Quilts, Crimson Tate will donate 12 battings yielding 24 battings for their important cause.

This is a big old hug to Indiana Comfort Quilting group who is making quilts for IU Health Trauma for local patients who are in palliative care.  Sweet bippy.  You are a goodie.  Thank you for donating batting to the group!  Crimson Tate is honored to help support our local friends doing good deeds.

For every package of batting that you purchase for Indiana Comfort Quilts, Crimson Tate will match your donation.  You buy one, we buy one.  And added to the fun, you will be entered into a fun lil’ drawing we are doing at Crimson Tate at the end of the day on Small Business Saturday.  We’re gonna give you five tickets to be entered into the pool of two grand prizes.

Bless your lil’ heart and thank you for using your talents and resources for good.  We love you!!

Please note this product will be given to the Indiana Comfort Quilting group and nothing will be sent via mail to you.  You will only receive good wishes and big big thank yous and all kinds of love from us to you.  Let us know if you have questions. Purchase your donation batting here. We’re gonna give you 5 tickets automatically for being so awesome.

All of us here at Crimson Tate thank you for donating to their project.  Imagine being able to use your talents and know-how to provide compassion and care to someone who is at the end of their life.  Amazing.  What an amazing gift.

…but wait…there’s more…

The Crew of Crimson Tate is excited to see you! What you need to know before you head down:

  1. Crimson Tate will swing open the doors at 9:00 AM. Crimson Tate super fans have historically gotten in line hours before we open, so early bird gets the worm is true in this scenario!!!
  2. We are happy to take phone orders if you’d like to call us, but know that you might have to wait a lil’ bit. Of course, online shopping at is superbly easy and you’ll still be entered to win..
  3. Shopping online there’s a place to send well wishes, and we like that, too. So please don’t hesitate to send your stories along.
  4. We’ll be LIVE on Facebook every hour on the hour-ish. Join us there to experience the big barrel of fun.
  5. We close at 4:00 PM and will host the grand prize drawings after the store closes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Crimson Tate,

I live in the far far reaches of the world and won’t be able to make it to Crimson Tate on Small Business Saturday.  Is there anyway I can participate by purchasing items online to be entered to win?  How’s that gonna work?  Sincerely, Lover from the Far Reaches

Dear Precious Lil’ Lover from Yonder Town,

Don’t fear!  We’ve got you.  On Small Business Saturday we’re going to enter you into the hourly drawings!  That’s right.  For every $20 you spend we’ll generate tickets for you and add you to the drawing.  Wooooot!  And we will add all the tickets to the big barrel of fun until end of day on Saturday (4:00 PM EST) we’ll add you to the larger drawing, too.  So go for it!!

Dear Tate de Crimson,

I’m an international customer.  Am I eligible to win the bundles or hourly tote bag giveaways?  I’m tres excited to know.  Sincerely, La International Customer

Dear International Friend,

Yessss!!! Part of the reason we switched our online game was so that we could offer international shipping!!! We hope you’ll be our customer, too!  We’d love to enter you into the hourly drawings.  As far as the bundles go, we’re going to offer it to you, too. Get in there and buy some stuff.  Best of luck!

Dear Crimson Tate,

I am a mega mega fan!  How many times can I shop at your store and be eligible to win? I’m so excited to play and I’m super competitive.  Sincerely, I NEED TO WIN

Dear Needy,

Seriously! Let’s do this.  Get on – you can shop everyday multiple times a day.  All of your purchases will be eligible for our many giveaways!  And thank you for being a mega fan.  We’re so honored.

Dear Crimson Tate,

I’ve been considering becoming a VIP.  If I become a VIP, can I get tickets for that?  Also, I was thinking about buying myself a gift certificate and then I want to use that gift certificate to buy my VIP membership.  Will I get tickets for the purchase of the gift certificate and then also when I use the gift certificate to get my awesome VIP tote bag and pin as a charter member?  Sincerely, Double Dipper

Dear Dipper,

You are so cute.  Here’s the deal, D.  Every gift card purchase made on Small Business Saturday will be awarded tickets!  Yayayyyyy.  However, if you redeem that gift card during this time period, you won’t get double tickets.  That just makes more admin work for us and we’re not so into that.  If you’ve got a gift card you bought yourself before the game begins, it will be eligible for tickets.  We’ll give you tickets for all your purchases, just not doublely.  Bless your little heart.

Dear Crimson Tate,

Girl! I’m VIP.  Are there any VIP perks for me?!  And do I still accrue points during this time period? You know I love you and I love being at Crimson Tate.  Lemme know, ok? Sincerely, VIP Charter Member

Dear VIP,

YES! You still get points! Just by your beautiful nature of already pledging your love of Ms. Alizarin Crimson Tate (you know that her first name is really Alizarin, right?) as a VIP member, we’re going to enter you into the large drawing.  We threw an artisanal handwritten ticket into the barrel of possibilities with your name on it.  Bam.  You’re important to us.  Don’t you forget it. We love you.  Being VIP is awesome!

Dear Crimson Tate,

I want to contribute to IU Health Comfort Quilts how do I do that?! Sincerely, The Giver

Dear Giver,

Awwwww.  Thank you.  Definitely feel free to mail us your finished quilt.  We will pass it along to the folks at Comfort Quilts.  If you aren’t able to create a quilt, we will have more opportunities to help.  Don’t fret.  We can put your kindness to work and we thank you for being willing.

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