Workshop Offerings

Dreaming of hosting Heather as a workshop instructor or presenter for your guild, shop, conference, or special event? Please email for the most up-to-date and detailed informational package and to discuss scheduling. Be sure to check out Heather’s current teaching/presenting schedule here.

Heather_Givans04 (1)Finding Your Unique Voice – Artistry in Quilting
One-hour lecture
In the fast-evolving tapestry of the modern quilt movement, how do you define your aesthetic? What’s your point of view? Hear Heather describe her adventure from artist to teacher to maker to fabric designer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be inspired.



Succulent Garden Quilt – Make Mine Modern
Three- or six-hour workshop

Building oversized hexagons couldn’t be any more rewarding. This pattern allows the sewer to transform modern fabrics with large scale prints into unique blocks, enabling the sewer to make sense out of what sometimes is chaos when combining large patterned fabrics.

In the six-hour session, you will map your quilt with Heather’s handy planning guide and begin piecing your way toward your very own Succulent Garden.


Crimson TateAir Traffic Control – Foundation Paper Piecing 101            Six-hour workshop                                                                         Young pilots and paper engineers can snuggle beneath this foundation-pieced pattern. Air Traffic Control is a terrific project for beginners, complete with paper-piecing illustrations and a cutting guide. Bonus instructions included to approach quilt with improvisation and create airplanes in multiple sizes, flying in all directions. What could be more fun?

This six-hour workshop can be tailored to focus on foundation paper piecing or can focus on how to combine aspects of foundation paper piecing with an improvisational approach. Worlds collide!

footnotequilt_front1-e1526931166642.jpg*Footnote Quilt – Creating Magic
Three- or six-hour workshop
Sometimes the best and most important information is found in the footnote. In the *Footnote Quilt workshop, you’ll create one block with no curves but the final result will be gorgeous and unforgettable. It’s like magic. In the three hour workshop, basic block construction, understand- ing contrast and color, and creating multiple blocks will be accomplished.

In the six-hour version, delving deeper into controlling the quilt via color and contrast, manipulating the blocks, making the final version even more sophisticated will be learned.


Personal Library – Creating a Curated Collection
Six-hour workshop
This is a fantastic quilt to build over time, assembling and gathering your favorite book titles and building a magnificent personal collection. In this six-hour workshop, building basic blocks of the quilt will be learned, how to manage all those little pieces, and how to customize the bookshelf to become very personal for you or a loved one. Basics in foundation paper-piecing will be learned as well as hand embroidery. Learning how to customize with markers, selvedges, and other methods will be discussed.

This workshop is excellent for a sewing store that offers embroidery machines as it can be combined with machine embroidery in which the store will provide machines and a professional to help students approach using this method.

Final_Night Hike_12-9_3874CoverWishing Star Quilt – Let Your Improvisational Star Shine!
Three- or six-hour workshop
The Wishing Star Quilt features a relaxed approach to quiltmaking that is both sequenced and improvised. Spend time experiencing the joy of creating string blocks in this three- or six- hour workshop. This pattern encourages us to think outside the box and find a fun, new way of working.

The full day workshop includes a focus on design, delving more deeply into making fabric and color choices.




Noteworthy Quilt – Creating Quilts that Say Something                                                                     Twelve-hour workshop                                                             The Noteworthy Quilt workshop gives participants a chance to dive head first into this fun technique for building text in your quilt! There are endless ways to imagine how to incorporate lines of text or even single words and letters in your quilting. You will learn to piece letters and words with improvisation – no paper piecing or appliqué involved! The joy and fun of this workshop is knowing that there are no rules.

This twelve-hour workshop includes lessons in typography, construction tips, how to make fabric and color choices, how to assemble letters into words, how to assemble words into sentences, and how to approach laying out your quilt.