Easy Quilt Pattern Where Flannel is the Star

Flannel Bar is Now Open

Belly Up to the Flannel Bar!

We’ve got THE FUNNEST idea.  Kids.  It’s gettin’ late in December and ya need to make another present.  What’ll you do?! Let’s make a scrappy quilt that showcases our beautiful flannel fabrics!  Nothing says cold weather better than flannel! No tiny piecing here but enough visual interest to make it fun. Sometimes when you make flannel quilts, they turn to visual mush if there are too many pieces or the scale of the blocks are too small.  Boy Howdy (as my MIL says) do we have a solution!  Let me introduce you to our Flannel Bar.

We created a selection of flannels that exist in oodles of combinations of colors and scale.  We even have SOLID flannels.  WHAT?!?!? We’ve sourced flannel from all over the earth.  Okay, maybe not from the whole earth, but from a variety of manufacturers and we’ve created a quick pattern that’ll let you take those flannel fat quarters and make an easy, beginner friendly quilt!  Honestly, if you’re dreaming of creating a present, this is the one to throw together.  The block size finishes at 15″ which means you’ll showcase those flannel pieces and sew it together FAST!  Like Paul Bunyon fast.  I mean, you know that Paul Bunyon and Babe are total flannel connoisseurs. Mix it up.  Make it wacky.  The final result will be a snuggly warm and super scrappy quilt.  Of course you’ll need flannel for the back (just like Mrs. Dufek).  We’ve included a chart down below fabric requirements for binding and backing, too.We even made BIG bundles already coordinated if you don’t wanna choose from the flannel bar.  You’ll find those big bundles here.

I started with 16 fat quarters and followed this pattern we created to showcase our flannels. After a lot of debate on what to call it (the working title has been “A Quilt Pattern in Four Post-It Notes” because I wrote it in four post-its, including illustration.) Lolllzzzz. But of course, once I settled on Grandpa’s Easy Flannel Quilt Pattern I kinda wanna call it Scrappy Pappy’s Flannel Quilt Pattern just because it’s funnier. All I know is that I’m going back to the drawing board and I’m going to use this same pattern to make an Echino Japanese cotton linen quilt, too. If you wanna get lost in inspiration, look at them here!

You choose the size. Then you choose your fat quarters and GO! Here are images of the pattern. If you want to download the PDF, scroll to the end.

Here’s my progression in real life. I used this bundle:

Which became this quilt top:

And because it was so fast to construct, I decided to make another one. I chose this bundle:

And it became this quilt top:

My advice?! Pair fabrics that are beautiful next to each other together within the block. And when laying it out, don’t worry too much if the same fabric touches the same fabric. In this scrappy pattern, it’s kinda nice. Be free and don’t stress. This duder is gonna come together fast!!

Download it here and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook. @crimsontate #GrandpasEasyFlannelQuilt #ScrappyPappyFlannelQuilt #CrimsonTate #IBelliedUpToTheFlannelBar #FlannelBar lolllzzzzzzzz

10 thoughts on “Easy Quilt Pattern Where Flannel is the Star

  1. Peggy G says:

    Oh man. Y’all are just the funniest, most awesome and creative people EVERRRR!! I love this pattern so much and *I* am going to call it The Scrappy Pappy. Cause that’s pure genius right there.

  2. Sara M says:

    I found “download it here” but the phrase doesn’t seem to be linked. Your illustrations are great – all the information is there – but a PDF to save would be much appreciated. Scrappy Pappy is a project for next week. Thanks!

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