Paper Obsessed Blog Tour :: Sunday Edition with Karen McTavish !!!!

karenMcTIt’s easy like Sunday Morning.  Although, what Karen McTavish does isn’t easy.  Today’s Paper Obsessed blog is happening right here with the talented, energetic, lovely, and real Karen McTavish.  She quilted my improv Air Traffic Control Quilt that I fondly refer to as Aerodynamics.

Paper Air Plane Without Girls Flattened.jpgHere’s what Karen has to say:

I loved working on the Aerodynamics quilt for a couple of reasons.  The quilt was original and unique – something fresh and new… I love being a part of new ideas. I wanted to make the paper airplanes really be the focus of the overall impact of the quilt, so two layers of Quilters Dream Batting was used for the quilt. Unfortunately, wool has a memory and sometimes shows fold lines. The process of quilting was to let the paper airplanes fly all over the quilt showing the path of its flight. I would draw the line directly on the quilt at the end of the paper airplane and hoped the line would run into another airplane. The quilting was really fun because I felt so much freedom. I felt Heather’s joy in making this quilt and tried to match that energy.



Photos by Eric Lubrick

I want you to imagine what it’s like to get your quilt back in the mail after Karen McTavish has had it.  OMG.  It’s the best thing ever to open the box.

KarenMcTavishThis quilt was a major reason why Paper Obsessed exists.  I’ve wanted to make this quilt for the longest time, but couldn’t find the right fabrics to pull it off.

I used the notebook print, white on white airplanes, and ball point security envelope texture.

I’m so proud of this quilt and learned a lot in the process (through tears, frustration, and kerfuffles, and finally success).  It’s one of the projects I am most proud of in concept, design, fabric, and even down to the quilt pattern.  And I’m so super honored that Karen McTavish gets me and is willing to work so hard for my vision to shine through.

Thanks for peeking in on how Karen McTavish made my dreams come true.  I couldn’t ask for a better creative partner in crime.  She is so incredibly dear to me and I think we make a great team.

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