Inspiration + {Process} in Creating Paper Obsessed

IMG_1014I really still can’t believe that the opportunity to be a Windham designer came to me.  Like WHAT?!?! I’m blown away in gratitude and awe everyday. ERRRRRYDAY.  To dream something in your head and then to be able to translate that into something that becomes a physical reality is a pretty incredible opportunity.  I don’t take my responsibility lightly or without total appreciation.

So how did I land on this topic of Paper Obsessed?  It really began with the notebook paper.  As you know, my first collection for Windham was called Succulents which has been a love of mine for a very long time.  With the second collection, I continued the trend expressing something I’m obviously enamoured with and took this opportunity to make a collection surrounding my love of paper, mail, notebooks, and stamps.  And of course, my design process always begins with pencil on paper, preferably wooden pencils on large sheets of sketchbook paper.


On my drawing table you’ll find rubber stamps, markers, wooden pencils, gel pens, and sharpie markers in every size.

Photo by Eric Lubrick

When I was a kid, I’d spend my entire allowance on stationery, journals, and paper goods. My philatelist dad still likes to remind me of the times of when I was in high school and I’d spend my entire allowance the day he gave it to me at the Hallmark store. When I needed gas, I’d have to ask him for more money.  Eeeeeee. But I had some pretty boss stationery though!

What you might not know is that I’m a printmaker.  From my perspective, historically printmakers are gaga about paper (am I right?!?)  I took all the classes in printmaking Purdue University has to offer and spent time going to workshops and printmaking camps, my favorite being Frogman’s Press where I learned to do things like waterless etching, recycled lithography, and how to make sheets of handmade paper 6 x 8′ in one pull.  Talk about heaven on earth.


Peek into my studio space at my house including linocuts.

Photo by Eric Lubrick

It was the first time in my life that I showed up to something and thought “I’ve found my people!!!” (I had a similar experience when I traveled to the first QuiltCon in Austin, TX – total tears of familiarity even though I only knew but a few people.)

In Paper Obsessed you’ll find beauty in everyday things like security envelope textures,

notebook papers where you can write messages to friends, quilt labels, or use as awesome background textures.  Those loose leaf pages were the muse for the entire collection.

And my dream of creating a quilt that looked like paper airplanes flying (which I’ll go in depth on Karen McTavish’s day later in the blog tour) inspired a print that contained the same feeling.  Check out that white on white print!  Yesssssss.

The handholding between creating quilt projects and fabric designs this go-round was a cool experience.  I created three new quilt patterns, Letters from Home,  Air Traffic Control, and Correspondence Mini Quilt.

Crimson Tate

Letters from Home Quilt

Photo by Eric Lubrick

Crimson Tate
Air Traffic Control Quilt

Photo by Eric Lubrick


Correspondence Mini Quilt

and of course I couldn’t wait to interpret my premier pattern Succulent Garden using Paper Obsessed.

Crimson Tate

Succulent Garden Quilt

Photo by Eric Lubrick

All of the colors of this collection are inspired by the tones found in ink pens.  Included in the line-up is a text print that reads “Now is the time for all good people to write letters to their neighbors and friends.”  As a former camp counselor, writing letters was an important ritual in the summer making mail call the best 1/2 hour of lunch.

The collection rounds out with a an airmail stripe and decorative envelopes.

I have so much more to say, so much more to show that I had to give myself another slot on the blog tour.  I’ll be back later in the tour to delve deeper into a few of these topics and give more behind the scene looks. Thanks for letting me indulge in a few memories and motivations in my creations.  Be sure to hit up your local quilt shop for Paper Obsessed and Crimson Tate patterns.

Now, on to the terms of WINNING SOME STUFFFFFFFS.  In order to win Paper Obsessed fabric, a Correspondence Mini-Quilt Pattern, and some sweet Crimson Tate swag, I’d love for you to tell me a little story about something you’re obsessed with.  Don’t forget to leave a comment here and an obvious way to contact you if you win (is your email available in your profile?)  Leave your email in the comment along with the story or check back at the end of the tour July 26 to see if you’re the winner.  International readers are encouraged to play along.  I can’t wait to randomly choose one winner from your tales, which will be at the end of the tour on July 26.

Here’s where we’re headed on the tour:

July 12 Windham Fabrics :: 

July 13 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate :: {You’re HERE!}

July 14 Sarah Sharp of {no} hats quilts ::

July 15 Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE Magazine ::

July 16 Karen LePage of Gentle Clothing ::

July 17 Jenny Leisure / David Barnhouse of Crimson Tate ::

July 18 Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio ::

July 19 Eric Lubrick of Eric Lubrick Photography ::

July 20 Annie Unrein of By Annie’s ::

July 21 Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts ::

July 22 Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness ::

July 23 Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce ::

July 24 Karen McTavish of Karen McTavish Quilting Studio ::

July 25 Kristen Wright of Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine ::

July 26 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate ::





120 thoughts on “Inspiration + {Process} in Creating Paper Obsessed

  1. Macey Ward says:

    I am obcessed with old Singer Featherweights! Don’t own one yet but I will!!! (Large paper clips, clothes pins and scotch tape, washi tape, vegetable gardening, and sailing!!)

  2. CathyM says:

    My whole family is obsessed with paper planes. We’ve used reams of paper refining our techniques, and even the Aus film Paper Planes

  3. Cheryl Jaeger says:

    It’s difficult to pick just one! I’m obsessed with fabric, as is everyone else who will be responding. So, I’ll pick books…children’s books, quilting and crafting books, cookbooks, etc. I have always loved books and would spend all my money on buying books for my classroom. I know I should have saved my money, but if I needed a book for a lesson, I bought it. 26 years later, I’m still buying books when I “need” them.

  4. Heather M. says:

    I love cookbooks and patterns, colored gel pens and mini spiral notebooks. I also love socks the more colorful the better!!

  5. Janice says:

    This collection is so fun! I can wait to make some quilts with it! I’m definitely obsessed with penguins but also books, small notebooks, fabric, and old quilts, old sewing machines and old sewing ephemera!

  6. Wendy Farmer says:

    Yay!! So excited for you and love that you are representing the stationary geeks! For our first anniversary my husband bought me a giant pack of Sharpies…with *all* the colors! Can’t wait to put some of this fabric to use!!! Love the quilt label idea!!

  7. Kelly says:

    My big obsession is alternative music. I know, strange for someone my age! I like to be as close to the stage as possible, squished between sweaty and crazy twenty-somethings. I go to all days of festivals such as Lollapalooza from start to finish and see well over 100 bands live every year. When I’m not doing that (or working to support that), I’m sewing a quilting! Strange combo.

  8. Barbara Triscari says:

    I loved your adorable succulents. They are so fun to do as quilting motifs. But I Loooove your paper theme! Whose lives aren’t touched by paper? And the cute little stamps?!! I love all three of the new patterns and as you know, paper airplanes are special to me because my grandfather taught all of us grandkids how to make his favorite plane. It is a complicated design and I realized my kids won’t remember how to make it for their kids. So I drafted the instructions for the back of my quilt and have drafted a block of his plane to add to the front of your improv air traffic control quilt. I would never have come up with the idea to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So what am I obsessed with….Heather Givans!!!

  9. allisonsews says:

    I’m obsessed with learning screenwriting and brush lettering right now. Hoping to combine the two eventually.

  10. Marlene Miller says:

    I am obsessed with fabric and my little dog, Dallas. I love petting my dog but oh, love that fabric! I think he likes it too! He is always in my sewing room helping me out, not! He is under my feet but absolutely great company. Love your paper themed fabric! I already have a plan for the fabric, if I win. Thanks for the opportunity to play!

  11. Dara says:

    I like be the idea of using this line for other things besides quilts – labels, pouches, totes, maybe even bulletin board fabric for my classroom! I guess I’m obsessed with office supplies. I have so many pens, pencils, markers, notepads, post-its in all the colours of the rainbow, and love using them.

  12. Rachael says:

    I’m obsessed with bras and providing dignity to women! I’ve given away 6,280 in 2017 to homeless and at risk women in Indiana.

  13. Shirley Schmeyer says:

    I’m obsessed with having a clean dining room table so I can spread out my quilting fabric on it. You have beautiful paper designs.

  14. Cathy C says:

    Besides, my newest obsessions of fabric and quilting, I’m gaga for glass – love to create with stained glass and fused glass, and collect old glass, and just admire. The beauty and artistry of it. Congrats on this awesome collection!

  15. Martina says:

    I am quite obsessed with cups. Just love to buy all different ones. So I am not sad when a cup breakes, it just gives me a reason to buy a new one, lol! And I love your fabric line, so,so lovely!

  16. Katie says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m obsessed with socks! Does a person really need 38 pairs of socks (yes, I just went and counted them)? You really need a pair of socks for ALL occasions, right?

  17. kathy says:

    Love this collection. I am obsessed with old advertising items; juice glasses, thimbles, wooden hangars, yard sticks. Once I collect enough yardsticks they will become the table in my vintage trailer.

  18. Martina says:

    I just love cups! Hardly can resist to buy new ones. So it is alwys great when one old one breaks. Gives me a reason to buy an new one, lol! (somehow my first comment didn’t show up, hopefully I din’t leave two now…)

  19. Amy R says:

    Not very original but fabric obsessed here. I worked in a House of Fabrics a million years ago and still can tell so much about fabric just from the feel.

  20. Allison Church Bird says:

    Love your designs! The fabrics look awesome! I love paper and opening a new box of colored pencils is just a delicious feeling of creativity!! Currently I am obsessed with paper boxes – been buying them on sale at Hobby Lobby for stashing my craft supplies and fabrics (my husband just rolls his eyes when he sees me loading up on them!!) I am also obsessed with my label maker at the moment – labeling all the boxes and anything else that isn’t moving! I love old labels and tags – would make a great fabric design..wink wink!! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

  21. Crystal Crews says:

    I’m obsessed with growing things. From sprouts and houseplants in the winter to veggies and flowers in the summer. My grades get a little bigger every year and I would love to just have walkways and gardens and no yard to mow.

  22. Tac says:

    I am obsessed with fabric of course but most specifically text prints or anything to do with writing and math. Love your Paper Obsessed line.

  23. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I am obsessed with Scottish Terriers. We had one shortly after hubby and I got married and she was the best dog I ever had. Any time I see Scotties on anything, from sheets to plates, I have to buy it. I have way too much stuff if you ask hubby, but who’s asking him? 🙂 I went to visit a quilting friend recently and she decorated the room I was in with vintage Scotties and I was in heaven. I wanted to bring it all home with me, but since I was flying, and it was HER stuff, I didn’t think I should. 😛

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    email is scoty4me39 (at) yahoo(dot)com

  24. Chris says:

    I am crazy in love with Humming Birds. I have feeders everwhere and every 2-3 years I head to Tuscon for a Humming bird fix.

  25. Laura says:

    My biggest collection ( after fabric) is romance novels ! My biggest obsession is school supplies. I love Staples! Good thing I teach! You need a pencil – I have it. A marker, a pen, an index card ( what size or color), graph paper…

  26. Julie says:

    I am obsessed with my grandchildren, Isaac, Matthew, Annie and Jude. And my Maltese, and shopping at Crimson Tate, and the list could go on and on!!

  27. brambletonthreads says:

    I am obsesses with roasted garlic. It is one of the best foods, and tastes amazing with most savory foods. I like to chop the top off the clove and add butter and spices and put it in the oven. It is wrapped in foil. I love it! Go garlic. Thanks for sharing your awesome collection!

  28. Kathleen says:

    I am obsessed with ice cream scoops!! The older the better! I have never counted them up but I bet I have at least 25-30. And I use them too! I absolutely love your new fabric collection, especially the notebook paper prints.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  29. Jennifer U says:

    I am obsessed with paper and fabric in each measures — when I lived in Japan, I used to seek out weekend shrine fairs where vintage fabric could be purchased for a song and head to Ginza for gorgeous hand printed paper. Miss those days!

  30. Heather Hambrick says:

    I can relate to your childhood story of spending all of my allowance on stationary. I used to love the store Stationers! Rows and rows of office supplies. I used to flip through the Staples catalog during breaks at work when I was a secretary during college, lol. Now that love/obsession is with planners and accessories for said planner. Love the new line, can’t wait to see it in person!!

  31. Linda L says:

    I love lots of things but ever since they came out Post-It Notes have been one my favorites.I love all the colors plus the cool original yellow. PS I love your fabric too!

  32. Whiskers says:

    My obsession? cats, cats, cats, more cats. Did I mention cats? Paw prints, cat hair, cat toys, cats, cats, cats. And they do love to play with paper, paper you are working on, making into patterns, waste trimmings, and cardboard. Cats love paper too.

    weedymama at gmail

  33. Vicki H says:

    Besides fabric, I am obsessed with garden plants. I seem to think I need every perennial that will grow in my zone.

  34. Sacha says:

    I’m obsessed with Twitter! I learn about breaking news and pop culture phenomena, I connect with friends and strangers, and I overshare the details of my everyday doings.

  35. Christine N. says:

    Like lots of people here, I’m obsessed with fabric! I have more fabric and patterns than I have hours in the day! Books too, I love books and going to the public library! Thanks!

  36. Allison C says:

    Well fabric is the obvious choice, but I’m also obsessed with chocolate right now (obvious too?). I always used to be a sugar candy gal and chocolate alwaYs came second, but not any more! And I never would have ate dark chocolate before, but now that’s what I crave. And one more obsession which won’t last long (I wish it could!) is fresh corn on the cob. I could and sometimes do eat it for every meal. I love this time of year (I do do without the heat though!).

  37. Gayla says:

    I am a Quilter/Librarian. When I travel I not only visit quilt shops, but also must “check out” the local public library. Having grown up in a small, mid-western farm community with no public library, I made up my own stories & adventures. I am obsessed with stories. People are so much more than what we “see” and are so interesting when we take the time to discover their story- like learning you are a printmaker-so cool! Most of the quilts I make have a meaning or a story that sheds a little light into my own self. I am pretty sure I just might have a story to tell in a quilt made of Paper-Obsessed!

  38. Beth T. says:

    Well, where do I begin? One thing is, antique photos of people with their dogs. You should really look at some of these on eBay. They are so touching and heartwarming. At a time when people had so little money, they took formal pictures of their babies and the family dog, for example. Or, we have a photo of a single woman and her two big dogs, taken in a happy, spontaneous moment. On the back, she sends holiday greetings to a friend, and signs it from herself and the two dogs–exactly like something that could be sent today. I just love these, and make shadow boxes with them. I don’t want them to be forgotten. Our collection began when I found a formal photo of my sweetheart’s ancestors, a young couple and their dog. I framed it, and felt close to them, and was reminded that they were very much like our present-day relatives, all of whom love dogs and cats (and chickens, and hamsters, and other pets).

  39. Benjie says:

    Geckos! I love me some geckos! Think Debbie e-harmony loves cats… Think shop til you drop… Kuku for cocoa puffs… I’m gaga for geckos. I have geckos on the walls… Geckos around my neck… A gecko tattoo (on a quilt)… And yeah… I even named my long arm business dancing Gecko quilts. So what is it about those little lizards that makes me smile? When we lived in Hawaii they were always coming in the house. At first I kind of thought eekhh… But then I realized that they were a lot like me so I changed to ahhh. They stay up at night… (me)… They chatter… (have you ever spent 10 minutes with me?) They have those awesome big toes so I’m pretty sure that they love to long arm! Secretly (well not anymore) I pretend I’m a dancing Gecko when I stay up all night quilting your quilts. And I’m always smiling… As long as you leave me 6 inches on each side that is. So there you have it! Benjie loves geckos. 💚💚💚💚

  40. Patrizia says:

    Obsessed with fabric and yarn! I love the combination of the two and dream about making something all the time. Always carry along a small zippered bag with something to embroider, knit or crochet and make the most of it!

  41. Karen Addleman says:

    I am obsessed with fabrics of course. I also enjoy going to garage sales on a regular basis. My husband and I joke that it is our weekly date!

  42. Holly Perry says:

    Right now I’m obsessed with hexies and the postage stamp fabric in your collection makes the cutest hexies!!!! Thank you for a chance to win!

  43. Karmen McKillip says:

    I’m obsessed with paper/cardstock and markers of any and all sorts. And recently, I’m becoming more and more obsessed with fabric, thanks to you! 🙂 Would love a chance to win your stuff! Love it!!

  44. Laura Anderson says:

    Yep – I’ve got a thing for fabric, paper, and cool pens and pencils too. Also – there is nothing like a big box of Crayola crayons. When I was a little girl we didn’t ever get to have the box with the sharpener – a splurge in our family was the box of 24!

    I also have a hankering for vintage embroidered linens or other needlework. I want to make a series of quilts from them. I buy all of them that I can find at Goodwill. I consider it my duty to save those hours and hours someone put into their work – and turn that piece – that may have holes or stains – into something beautiful again – like a quilt.

    Also – if I’m honest – I have to admit to being a “cat lady”. I love my little four legged girls. They make me smile and laugh daily.

    Lastly – I’m a bit obsessed with your success. I’ve had a chance to talk to you at Crimson Tate – and you’re a peach. Just a lovely person to be around – and I’m thrilled for you that you have been able to turn your obsessions into something that you can share with all of us – and that by making something – we can share with others!

  45. Delaine says:

    Besides being obsessed with quilting and sewing I am obsessed with two games I downloaded from the iStore. The first one is Candy Crush Jelly – I really, really hate that Jelly Queen and the second one is Pyramid Saga Solitaire – this one really makes you think. Thanks!

  46. tarnia says:

    Apart from fabric, it would have to be books. The annual Red Cross book sale is better than Christmas morning. I can get a box of quilt magazines for a few dollars, and old Kaffe books for the same. Needless to say we have lots of bookshelves, even in every bedroom.
    Love the new fabric, will be studying the exchange rates to see when is best time to place an order. Tarnia.hodges at gmail dot com

  47. Paula McCondach says:

    I am obsessed with new techniques, new products, new books, new fabric… I love the beginnings of a new project, finding out how to do new things, opening a new notebook to make notes, untying a new fabric bundle, you can smell the start! So paper obsessed has become part of my new thing obsession, obsessing about what new thing to make?!

  48. Michele T says:

    My obsession lately has been hand turned appliqués!! I’ve made a baby quilt with the Orange Peel and have started on another because I love it so much!! I think that what really makes it look great it the hand quilting stitches that I add to the quilts too!

  49. Deb says:

    I’m obsessed with old watering cans. Love them! And look for them in antique shops. I have several down my front steps with beautiful flowers cascading from them. When i’m not working outside in the garden, I’m obsessed with fabrics and loving to quilt.

  50. Teje says:

    Hi Heather! I’m obessed with quilting. All my youth (and a little bit still) I love to make journals, collect papers, books etc. I painted for a while and then I was thinking that day and night. I used to be very obsessed with knitting. Then I started to quilt and felt with the quilting bloggers that I found my people! With quilting and sewing I have almost left the other materials. I’m so happy I found you because you are so inspiring! Looking for to follow you! Wishes from a Finnish woman quilting in Greece! x Teje

  51. diane beavers says:

    Heather, Congratulations and yippee for paper anything!. Cerulean and Chalkboard are too divine:) I love doodling on junk mail as it lays on my computer desk. Currently I’m obsessed w/fabric selvages, especially from my Succulents collection. Turning those into a fabric basket, (finally) and have completed a queen quilt in Succulents coolection too. Thank you for sharing all your childhood stationery and stamp addictions, I might have been at Hallmark with you, collecting note cards. Truly, that’s my obsession, any color , small size tho, with decorative or wonky envelopes.

  52. Monica says:

    Well. This week I’m obsessed with quilting. I’m really a crafting obsesser(? is that a word) I love anything with thread and right now its quilting.

  53. Anne says:

    Love your fabric and the quilts you showed. I’m obsessed with a lot of things. My lifetime obsession is with science, specifically stuff about the nature of the universe and quantum physics. I just can’t get enough of it!

  54. Giulia says:

    Valentine Day. I’m looking for a gift for my husband but instead found a great gift for myself. I bought two bottles of ink speckled with gold. And a new fountain pen. I’m obsessed with calligraphy now!

  55. Jayne says:

    I don’t have many obsessions! However, I recently have become obsessed with weaving fabric. Not just any fabric, those tiny scraps we get when we trim HST’s. An experiment at first, that turned into a fun and fabulous project! Raw edge weaving is pushing the boundries on scraps and involves a little ‘crazy’ to go there!

  56. buntyw says:

    I love stationery too – so much so that I’m learning bookbinding!!
    I love your ‘Letters from Home’ quilt!

  57. becky m says:

    I’m currently obsessed with piecing curves in my quilting. And I’ve recently been introduced to the show Bob’s Burgers which I’m binge watching. HAHA!

  58. Lisa in Port Hope says:

    I am obsessed with cleaning my sewing area and fabric stash! I am somewhat embarrassed that I had to buy more storage containers, but I am trying to only work on one project at a time and not flit from project to project and get nothing done.

  59. Georgia says:

    Trying not to obsess over all the lovely, new projects that I see so that I don’t have yet another UFO. Ha, ha. Love your paper!

  60. Michelle M says:

    Oh, I love this fabric! And I’m obsessed with colors. We definitely registered for the super sized box of crayons when we got married. 🙂 And giraffes, I love giraffes.

  61. veroniquewithaq says:

    I’m definitely obsessed with fabric: buying it, folding it, touching it, and occasionally cutting into it and actually making something, but what’s really funny is that I started hoarding fabric BEFORE I even learned how to sew. Over fifteen years ago, I went to India and came back with a suitcase half full of fabric and it’s only this year that I actually made something out of it!

  62. Victoria says:

    I am obsessed with the color purple! I have purple glasses, a big majority of the things I have knit are purple. Craft-wise I am currently obsessed with sewing. It started out as mom needing a new case for her phone and turned into wedge bags, pj pants, pillow cases and more!

  63. Kathy h says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Some of them remind me of my latest obsession. Those coloring books. I love looking at them and coloring in a few. I look for quilting ideas in some of them. There are so many beautiful books.

  64. Pam says:

    What wonderful fabric! I loved your story of how it came about. I’ve always been obsessed with beautiful fabric, but my obsessions about what to do with it change. Lately the obsession is bags. I’ve been collecting patterns, interfacing products, and hardware in anticipation of my vacation in two weeks and I’m going to spend two weeks on a bag making marathon. I’m also a bit obsessed with prisms. I love making beaded chains for them and hanging them in windows. Rainbows everywhere!

  65. charmingbubble2 says:

    What glorious fabric! Other than my dressmaking and quilting fabric obsessions I collect Ruskin pottery, it’s everywhere in my home and I love looking at it everyday, fitflops which I wear mostly all year around but not in the snow and lastly Betty Boop–Knickknacks abound in my downstairs guest bathroom but I’ve pleaded with friends not to add to my collection. That’s probably three too many…

  66. Fireside Quilter says:

    Oh my gosh I love this collection!! The airplanes, stamps, security cross hatches – so cool!! My obsession is collecting birds: paintings, folky wood sculptures, clay, glass…etc They are all beautifully crafted and treasures.

  67. Mary D says:

    38 pairs of socks an obsession? Try having over 200 pairs of undergarments. I will not admit that I have an obsession I will just say that I like variety. But I do have a fabric obsession. I love fabric especially ethnic prints. I have friends bringing me fabric back from their overseas travels. I have so much fabric I have been giving it away. Again. I will never be able to sew it all (I think) so others are getting blessed.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  68. Dawn shepherd says:

    HI Heather and David I’m obsessed in shopping for fabric,and collecting old things,cookie cutters,buttons,aprons,ice cream scoops,rolling pins,Christmas stuff,I love your shop Heather 🙂

  69. Mary A. says:

    I’d have to say I’m obsessed with tea – buying it, drinking it, just looking at the collection! That’s why I fell in love with the Correspondence mini quilt – a great place to display teapots and tea cups.

  70. Indianna says:

    I’m obsessed with collecting beach rubbish. Sea smoothed pottery and glass but also plastic tops, old rope and washed up toys. #twominutebeachclean

  71. VeronicaMade says:

    I’m obsessed with scissors, all shapes and sizes. I have about 30 regular scissors (embroidery, sewing, paper-cutting, etc.) and 50 decorative-edge scissors. I don’t know why I love them so much, but I can’t stop buying them. I still want to get a pair that are shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Then I think my collection will be complete. I hope.

  72. M says:

    Seem to be obsessed with heirloom tomatoes, on their own, or on a sandwich with just mayonnaise. On the quilting front, checking the Missouri Star Quilt Co daily special every day might qualify as an obsession.

  73. Sarah J says:

    I am obsessed with ice cream lately (vanilla with cashews, warm caramel, and sea salt)– I could blame the ridiculous heat, but I’ll be eating ice cream in December too! Love this collection– well done!

  74. Debby says:

    I was a middle school math teacher for 10 years before having a third baby and deciding to work from home. To say I have an obsession with school supplies is an understatement. So this combines my two loves, school supplies and fabric. I just love the notebook print!!!

  75. rebecca says:

    I am obsessed with tiny chairs, I know it sounds crazy, but I love all tiny chairs and have quite a few sitting around on shelves and using some for decorations.

  76. Katy M says:

    I have just the same obsession with stationery as you – I can’t believe there’s someone else who used to blow all their allowance on it too! I’m trying to be good lately as I have at least 20 notebooks that have never even been written in but I can’t resist very well! X

  77. Lindy says:

    I got a new Cricut paper cutting machine and I’m OBSESSSSSSSED. I volunteer to cut out letters for teacher friends, invites to anything, make vinyl stickers for people’s yeti cups, I can’t stop. Lol

  78. Kathy E. says:

    My obsessions have changed over the years. From doll clothes, to stickers, to cookbooks, to earrings, to fabric and then more fabric. One obsession that has always been with me is my love for chocolate. I have to have a little bit every day! It keeps me sane.

  79. Sue says:

    Ooo, so many obsessions, so little time. ONE of my obsessions is an undying love for sewing notions. When I’m lucky enough to get to a quilt show, that is my very favorite booth and I’m a little disappointed when I see that I already own 90% of what they sell. And if they are pretty, so much the better. I had to buy the 50 piece box of the new mini wonder clips from Clover because of the rainbow colors and the little organized box they come in. Will I ever use them? Not sure. But I love them already.

  80. Lucy @ charm about you says:

    I am obsessed with stickers, I still have a paper planner because I love writing things down. I add stickers to make it colourful and decorate my pages to make me smile and highlight fun stuff in my day! Love love love all these prints and enjoyed reading about the collection!

  81. Anita says:

    I am obsessed with bullet journals, especially Moleskine notebooks! Your fabric would put me In a big dilemma as to whether I should be sewing or journaling with my free time. Thanks for having this drawing!

  82. Becca says:

    I’m obsessed with garden produce, especially tomatoes! We got our first handful of cherry tomatoes a couple days ago, and I love it. Super cute line! I love that envelope liner pattern!

  83. Miriam says:

    OMG! Your post was like reading about my life. I love back to school time and stock up on cool notebooks, journals, papers, pens, inks, paints… I will never outgrow kindergarten. I still enjoy going to the post office and making the clerk get out the “neat” commemorative stamps and purchasing song of each. I also had loads of Hallmark stationery. I still like hand written letters in my best penmanship. I taught myself calligraphy, and a whole new a ray of pens, inks and papers came into my life. I leaned penmanship in 4th grade using a dip pen in the school desk inkwell. I had a whole collection of Hunt Speedball nibs until a house fire wiped out everything.
    Your post made me happy to meet a kindred stster, or daughter!

  84. Donna W says:

    Right now I am obsessed with driving around the country side in our 1960 MGA that my husband restored. There are always new roads and places to find.

  85. Mara says:

    After Fabric and stamps it would be coins, I love collecting coins oh and postcards. grecomara at gmail dot com

  86. Lori M says:

    I am definitely Fabric Obsessed for sure…specially LOVE Flannel!! 🙂 & TOTES!!! one can never have enough Totes either!!! I also loooove school supplies…school starting is super cool…gathering all the great sale things…markers, pens crayons, papers etc etc!! Ahhhhhh….

    Thanks too…for chance to win your Give-a-way!!! 😀

  87. Teresa P says:

    Once I get an idea or inspiration for a quilt, I am obsessed with hunting down the right fabrics for it. Sometimes it takes months, for a few it’s been a 2-year process, but I know if a print is perfect when I see it. Or mostly know, and if I misjudged, then that piece goes on the back and I still get to love it.

  88. Monica says:

    hmmmm I’m obsessed with soooo much. But right now I’m obsessed with modern quilting patterns. I look at something and try to see if I can make it a pattern with a modern twist. Working on a couple of patterns in my head just have to get them on my computer.

  89. anestinthemaking says:

    Obsessions. I’m not good with obsessions. haha. But I really like office supplies. I have so many. If I find a pen I like, I buy it in bulk (think legit office supply sized boxes). I adore a good pen – nothing fancy, just smooth. ❤ I guess that sounds like an obsession…

  90. Mary Ann says:

    Right now I am kinda obsessed with my new planner. I am a stationary addict and planners opened up a whole new rabbit hole!

  91. allisonsews says:

    From the looks of my sewing corner of my living room, I’m obsessed with getting my hands on more amazing fabric! lol

  92. Michelle says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style! I might quickly become obsessed with it. However, my old obsessions are coffee mugs, fabric, and tennis.

  93. Margo says:

    Paper and Fabric….my fav! Love your story about how this line came up! What a wonderful writer you are! Thanks for the intro! I’ll be coming back to visit!

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