Inspiration + {Process} in Creating Paper Obsessed

IMG_1014I really still can’t believe that the opportunity to be a Windham designer came to me.  Like WHAT?!?! I’m blown away in gratitude and awe everyday. ERRRRRYDAY.  To dream something in your head and then to be able to translate that into something that becomes a physical reality is a pretty incredible opportunity.  I don’t take my responsibility lightly or without total appreciation.

So how did I land on this topic of Paper Obsessed?  It really began with the notebook paper.  As you know, my first collection for Windham was called Succulents which has been a love of mine for a very long time.  With the second collection, I continued the trend expressing something I’m obviously enamoured with and took this opportunity to make a collection surrounding my love of paper, mail, notebooks, and stamps.  And of course, my design process always begins with pencil on paper, preferably wooden pencils on large sheets of sketchbook paper.


On my drawing table you’ll find rubber stamps, markers, wooden pencils, gel pens, and sharpie markers in every size.

Photo by Eric Lubrick

When I was a kid, I’d spend my entire allowance on stationery, journals, and paper goods. My philatelist dad still likes to remind me of the times of when I was in high school and I’d spend my entire allowance the day he gave it to me at the Hallmark store. When I needed gas, I’d have to ask him for more money.  Eeeeeee. But I had some pretty boss stationery though!

What you might not know is that I’m a printmaker.  From my perspective, historically printmakers are gaga about paper (am I right?!?)  I took all the classes in printmaking Purdue University has to offer and spent time going to workshops and printmaking camps, my favorite being Frogman’s Press where I learned to do things like waterless etching, recycled lithography, and how to make sheets of handmade paper 6 x 8′ in one pull.  Talk about heaven on earth.


Peek into my studio space at my house including linocuts.

Photo by Eric Lubrick

It was the first time in my life that I showed up to something and thought “I’ve found my people!!!” (I had a similar experience when I traveled to the first QuiltCon in Austin, TX – total tears of familiarity even though I only knew but a few people.)

In Paper Obsessed you’ll find beauty in everyday things like security envelope textures,

notebook papers where you can write messages to friends, quilt labels, or use as awesome background textures.  Those loose leaf pages were the muse for the entire collection.

And my dream of creating a quilt that looked like paper airplanes flying (which I’ll go in depth on Karen McTavish’s day later in the blog tour) inspired a print that contained the same feeling.  Check out that white on white print!  Yesssssss.

The handholding between creating quilt projects and fabric designs this go-round was a cool experience.  I created three new quilt patterns, Letters from Home,  Air Traffic Control, and Correspondence Mini Quilt.

Crimson Tate

Letters from Home Quilt

Photo by Eric Lubrick

Crimson Tate
Air Traffic Control Quilt

Photo by Eric Lubrick


Correspondence Mini Quilt

and of course I couldn’t wait to interpret my premier pattern Succulent Garden using Paper Obsessed.

Crimson Tate

Succulent Garden Quilt

Photo by Eric Lubrick

All of the colors of this collection are inspired by the tones found in ink pens.  Included in the line-up is a text print that reads “Now is the time for all good people to write letters to their neighbors and friends.”  As a former camp counselor, writing letters was an important ritual in the summer making mail call the best 1/2 hour of lunch.

The collection rounds out with a an airmail stripe and decorative envelopes.

I have so much more to say, so much more to show that I had to give myself another slot on the blog tour.  I’ll be back later in the tour to delve deeper into a few of these topics and give more behind the scene looks. Thanks for letting me indulge in a few memories and motivations in my creations.  Be sure to hit up your local quilt shop for Paper Obsessed and Crimson Tate patterns.

Now, on to the terms of WINNING SOME STUFFFFFFFS.  In order to win Paper Obsessed fabric, a Correspondence Mini-Quilt Pattern, and some sweet Crimson Tate swag, I’d love for you to tell me a little story about something you’re obsessed with.  Don’t forget to leave a comment here and an obvious way to contact you if you win (is your email available in your profile?)  Leave your email in the comment along with the story or check back at the end of the tour July 26 to see if you’re the winner.  International readers are encouraged to play along.  I can’t wait to randomly choose one winner from your tales, which will be at the end of the tour on July 26.

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