Quilt Market in Portland Spring 2013 – First Impressions – SUCH DESIGNS for the Win.


In Portland, anything goes.  Laid back.  Hipster.  Grunge.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the culture found here.  Portlandia isn’t far off.  From funky funk doughnut shop VooDoo Doughnuts to the permanent food cart village found right next to my hotel, it’s pretty swell.


But enough of that for now (although I have more to share and say on the topic).  What I really want to share is my very first impressions of Quilt Market Spring 2013 opening day.  I packed in a lot of appointments Friday touching base with many of the lines of fabrics I don’t get to see unless I’m at quilt market.  By far, my favorite is EVERY SINGLE PIECE of fabric found in SUCH DESIGN‘s premier line called Collage.  Carrie Bloomston is love and light.  She’s generous in spirit and inspired by painter Mark Rothko and environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, to name a few.  She’s a girl after my own heart.  I love these dudes, too, and their use of color and design.  Check out a few of the products made with her new collection for Windham Fabrics (who I also love desperately).  Note all of those vibrant turquoise and electric purples.  I’m seeing this electric color palette everywhere in more modern manufacturers.  Ohhhh man.  It’s good.


And then I stumbled into the booth of Cloud 9 Fabrics and the home of Rashida Coleman Hale. Ohhh man. Her color choices will coordinate beautifully with COLLAGE.  Again, the color found in these guys is sophisticated electricity.  And what’s not to love of Rashida’s aesthetic?  Small patterns in rich color.  Keepers. And when paired with linen, whoa.

Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman HaleThere is SO MUCH MORE to share. Truly, this is just a teeny tiny drop in the bucket of all of the photos and thoughts I have about what’s happening here at quilt market. I’m so happy to have found a few moments to relay my love of Windham and SUCH Designs, Rashida Coleman Hale and Cloud 9 fabrics.  I can’t wait until tomorrow!!  I can’t wait to share what I’ve seen.

xoxo Heather

5 thoughts on “Quilt Market in Portland Spring 2013 – First Impressions – SUCH DESIGNS for the Win.

  1. Vicki Helderman says:

    Heather!!! Ohmuhgosh thank you for the sweet sweet eye candy, so in love w Rashida’s new line and this was my first peek at Collage *i die* Glad you’re loving and soaking in all the goodness of Portland and Quit Market. Looking forward to more insights. *squee* (side note – I’m totes drooling over Melody Millers new line, too. Arrows?!? Metallic details?!? YUM-O!!)

  2. Annette Deardurff says:

    Sooooo jealous of you right now lol. Please order those electric purples and teals – love the dress with the birdie fabric!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!

  3. Carrie B. says:

    You are amazing, Heather! I SOOO loved meeting you in Portland. Thank you for your crazy, awesome support and kindness. For real. Much love and gratitude. xoxo, cb

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