#PaperObsessed – I need mail for Quilt Market!


I’m gearing up for the announcement of my new collection of fabric for Windham Fabrics at the Fall International Quilt Market in Houston, TX.  I.  Need.  Your.  Help.  I have a plan to adorn my booth with fanciful envelopes that are littered in stamps.  Will you consider sending me an envelope? You should know that I’m a bit of paper hoarder.  I love making envelopes from handmade papers; I love writing mail.  I ABSOLUTELY love addressing envelopes.  One summer I was paid by my mail carrier to address all of her wedding invitations.  She paid me real money and I dreamed of a job where that’s what I’d do all day. Let’s be pen-pals!  Ok.  So maybe I won’t be able to write a full on letter, but in exchange of you sending me a fancy envelope, I would love to send you a little something in return.  And why not make it a give-away?! I mean, that’s fun, right?!

Each envelope that is received before October 15, 2015 will be reciprocated with a response envelope (hand written by me) and an instructional sewing pattern that you know will be PAPER themed.  I’m trying to woo you, here.  All of those envelopes will travel with me to quilt market and appear in my booth!  So far so fun, right?!  And of all of the envelopes received I will choose three winners who will get a big fat bonus package in the mail – a fat quarter bundle of my new fabric Paper Obsessed. How do you win?!

  • One person will be supremely lucky as one giveaway will be completely random.
  • One person will win by creating my favorite envelope – think high creativity and decoration!!
  • One person will win because they live someplace that sounds amazing, absurd, or unrecognizable.  International friends are encouraged to play!

FAQ to Heather Givans

I mean, these are just questions I would ask myself so I thought I’d try to get down to the nitty gritty.

Hey, Heather Givans, I don’t want my address blasted all over the universe.  How can you insure that my private information will be shielded from the paparazzi? 

Dear Reasonable Friend,

I would suggest that you put your return address on the back of the envelope!  Along with your return address, I’d also put your Instagram handle if you’d like to be tagged on the Instagram. When these items are at the quilt market, they will be facing address-side-out — so don’t put your best work on the backside.  If you are super super super private, you can always put your return address inside the envelope and no one will know it was you!

Hey, Heather Givans, do I have to write you a letter?  I mean, I don’t really have much to say.

Dear Friend of Few Words,

You don’t have to write me a letter.  I mean, if you want to take it as an opportunity to tell me something, great.  But you don’t have to.  Truth is, I always beg to address the envelope and sometimes fall short on the correspondence.  That’s totally ok.  Address that envelope and let’s play!

Hey, Heather Givans, can I send you more than one envelope?  Can I send you an envelope everyday until the contest ends?

Dear Chance Maximizer,

YES! You and I were meant to be friends.  Send me a letter everyday.  It could sway the vote.  I can’t be sure but it certainly couldn’t hurt unless you send me smelly cheese inside the envelope or something.

Hey, Heather Givans, I’m just going to send you a post card.  Is that ok? Does it REALLY need to be an envelope?  Post cards are cheaper, you know.

Dear Post Card Lover (and Lover of Less Postage),

I really do want envelopes, so post cards might be taken to market but they won’t be included in the drawings.

Hey, Heather Givans, does this have to be made of fabric?  Or do you legit want paper?

Dear Fabric and Paper Lover,

I mean, the collection is called Paper Obsessed, so you best make it paper for now.  Fabric posts will come later.


*Include your Instagram handle on the back of the envelope so that I can tag you in a post! You’ll find me at @crimsontate – I’m probably not going to open the envelopes until after quilt market so don’t put time sensitive material inside! 😉

Also, it would be real real cool if you could share this with your friends! It would be a great display with lots of envelopes and stamps!!! Tell a friend!  Now is the time for all good people to write letters to their family and friends!

Ohhh Ellen Luckett Baker, You WON Quilt Market Fall 2013

Do you know The Long Thread?  It’s Ellen Luckett Baker’s sewing pseudonym.  I mean, sewing aliases are the best.  We obviously support them.  But if we look out over the sea of Quilt Market Fall 2013, that girl Ellen Luckett Baker wins the prize.  With her dusty tones of off beat color made only more sophisticated by the linen substrate that her Japanese manufactured designs are printed on, The Garden collection for Kokka won Best Prize at Market, according to me.


Take a look at her space in Kokka’s booth.

ImageImageImageIMG_2600 IMG_2605 IMG_2618

My goal is to become friends with Ellen.  Her books are FANTASTIC!  And we’ve been threatening to make the clamshell pillow found in her 1-2-3 Quilt book, which is boss.  Put that on the list of things to create!  Here’s a photo taken from Ellen’s website thelongthread.com of the clam shell pillow.  Now imagine it in these fabrics from her collection The Garden.  OH MY GOD.  So good.52

Congrats on the award, Ellen.  Let’s get to sewing!!!IMG_2634

Is Lotta Jansdotter the New Solid? And other thoughts about Houston Quilt Market 2013

Seriously.  She’s kinda brilliant.  That Lotta Jansdotter is Freshy McFresherson.  I am so happy that Windham Fabrics wooed the queen of Swedish design to their line-up of stellar cast members.  Of course, Lotta Jansdotter is not new to the world of sewing and textile printing.  She has been making handprinted textiles for years.  As a fellow printmaker, I’ve admired how simple her techniques and results are.  In her third line for Windham, she gives us a soft palette perfect for late winter early spring wearings.  Take a visual tour around her booth —–>


Lotta Jansdotter gives you something to think about.  The roughness and sometimes crude nature of the printed surface is very pretty.  I like that her designs retain that hand printed quality, even though they aren’t hand-pulled prints. (Although all of my favorite printmaking teacher Kathy Reeves would tell you that spotty surfaces is shotty printing, but I like it in this instance.  Sorry Kathy.)  Here’s a closer view of one of those spotty fabrics, this photo taken from Windham’s website.


The happy news is that this collection is set to be shipped from Windham in early February and obs will be living at Crimson Tate.  If you can’t wait to see it in its entirety, check out both collections on Windham’s website.  One is named Mormor and the other Sylvia.  (Sylvia is Lotta’s granny–her mormor).

IMG_2120 IMG_2122

Sylvia is a fantastic range of black and whites which we’ve ALL been waiting for.  Thank goodness.  You’re gonna like it.



If you’d like to use any of the photography seen here, please email me at photouse@crimsontate.com I’m sure we can work it out!

And Day Two of Quilt Market, Melody Miller Dominates!


Oh Melody Miller, how did you get to be so amazing?!  Her sense of color.  Her unconventional design.  It’s a breath of fresh air.  This kid is UBER talented.  Melody’s newest line coordinates with the other raising star collections.  She glitters in the same way her fabric shines.  Enjoy this photo essay of Melody’s newest fabric that will be living Downtown Indianapolis at Crimson Tate.  We love Japanese fabrics.  This collection was manufactured by Kokka and is a cotton linen blend.






Want to see what else is going to live at Crimson Tate and is from Japan?  Here’s a sliver of other designers such as Echino, Nani Iro, and Ellen Luckett Baker who will be residing on our shelves very soon.






OH MY!  Look at those scooters and cameras!  YESSSSSS!!!!  Man.  There’s so much more.  I’m headed home this afternoon.  I’ll try to sneak in one more round of photos before I make it back to Indiana.



Quilt Market in Portland Spring 2013 – First Impressions – SUCH DESIGNS for the Win.


In Portland, anything goes.  Laid back.  Hipster.  Grunge.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the culture found here.  Portlandia isn’t far off.  From funky funk doughnut shop VooDoo Doughnuts to the permanent food cart village found right next to my hotel, it’s pretty swell.


But enough of that for now (although I have more to share and say on the topic).  What I really want to share is my very first impressions of Quilt Market Spring 2013 opening day.  I packed in a lot of appointments Friday touching base with many of the lines of fabrics I don’t get to see unless I’m at quilt market.  By far, my favorite is EVERY SINGLE PIECE of fabric found in SUCH DESIGN‘s premier line called Collage.  Carrie Bloomston is love and light.  She’s generous in spirit and inspired by painter Mark Rothko and environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, to name a few.  She’s a girl after my own heart.  I love these dudes, too, and their use of color and design.  Check out a few of the products made with her new collection for Windham Fabrics (who I also love desperately).  Note all of those vibrant turquoise and electric purples.  I’m seeing this electric color palette everywhere in more modern manufacturers.  Ohhhh man.  It’s good.


And then I stumbled into the booth of Cloud 9 Fabrics and the home of Rashida Coleman Hale. Ohhh man. Her color choices will coordinate beautifully with COLLAGE.  Again, the color found in these guys is sophisticated electricity.  And what’s not to love of Rashida’s aesthetic?  Small patterns in rich color.  Keepers. And when paired with linen, whoa.

Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman Hale Koi Rashida Coleman HaleThere is SO MUCH MORE to share. Truly, this is just a teeny tiny drop in the bucket of all of the photos and thoughts I have about what’s happening here at quilt market. I’m so happy to have found a few moments to relay my love of Windham and SUCH Designs, Rashida Coleman Hale and Cloud 9 fabrics.  I can’t wait until tomorrow!!  I can’t wait to share what I’ve seen.

xoxo Heather