Karen LePage of One Girl Circus will be sewing with us on Friday Night

Friday, August 17, Karen LePage of One Girl Circus will be joining us during a special Friday night edition of Downtown Sewcial.  Come hang out with the author of SEWING FOR BOYS and sew with her.  We are honored to have her in attendance.  She is hanging out in Downtown Indianapolis during the Indianapolis GP Motorcycle Races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (Her husband has a gig!  She’s along for the sewing ride).


I had the great fortune of meeting Karen in an aisle of the Kansas City Quilt Market while she was hanging out with Rashida Coleman Hale and Heather Braunlin Jones.  We became instant friends and I’m excited to host here in Downtown Indianapolis.  How cool is she to come hang with us?!  Love it!!


Call the store or email me if you want a reservation to sew at Friday Night’s Sewcial.  Otherwise, just drop by and say hey to Ms Karen!!  We’ll be glad to have you.  Image


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