Givans VS. Givens & My Latest Quilt Finish + –FABRIC GIVEAWAY–

You know me.  I’m Heather Givans, spelled with an A. I’m not here to confuse anyone or create a big old kerfuffle but I wanted to draw your attention to Tina Givens, spelled with an E.  Givans with an A (me) and Givens with an E (Tina).  We are both fabric designers.  We are both pattern writers.  But Tina with an E just recently completed her latest collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics called Piecemeal.  Vibrant, citrusy, and chock-full of stunning color, the 24 piece collection is fun and I LOVE IT!!! So when I had the opportunity to work with her latest fabric collection, I jumped at the chance.  Just so you know, my next collection of fabric isn’t announced until January.  So for now, let’s focus in on Tina with an E’s fabric and my newest quilt creation.


Bracelet Making Quilt 83″ x 83″

Tina with an E describes her colleciton as being inspired “…by change in my family life, and how we can piecemeal the happy parts of our lives back together. Crazy life.”

When a design is created with hope in mind, I can’t help be drawn in.  I paired 15 Piecemeal fabrics with my chosen 16 coordinating FreeSpirit solids and bam.  This is what happened.


Inspired by friendship bracelet making, because you know that I’m a former camp counselor, adventure trip leader, and outdoor educator, right?  Yes, me.  Heather Givans with an A! My camp name was Heliotrope.  No kid ever knew what what a heliotrope was, but I chose it because it seemed to suit me more than names like Hay or Honey.  We chose our camp names based on the first letter of our first names.  I spent countless hours of my life at camp with a safety pin fastened to my knee knotting and knotting lengths of embroidery floss to make the perfect summer camp accessories.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got a lot of stories to tell about this time in my life later.

IMG_8603 2.jpg

This scrappy quilt design has been rattling around in my head since my friend Lindsay taught a string quilt class at Crimson Tate nearly five years ago.  Combining the improvisation and scrappiness of string quilt block making with a little touch of organization, the Bracelet Making Quilt came to life.


Big thank you to Dan Clayton of Quilting by the Stitch for his expert quilting!

This quilt began by foundation piecing strips to a page of our newly delivered telephone book.  It looked like a hot mess, as seen here.  I created four messes that looked relatively the same and squared those blocks to a common measurement.


I didn’t worry if pieces were the same size, or if they were cut and sewn straight.  I just sewed.  Larger blocks started to form as I made four relatively “same” sequenced blocks, which became the centers.


Eight more blocks, sewn in reverse order, surround the original four to make the greater, larger block.  I added half a square of solid so that the plus sign shape could emerge by contrasting against the background.   Take a look at how it morphed and formed.


Up on the design wall it went and pow.  The quilt layout was made.  If you’re interested in a tutorial on how to put this together, I’d encourage you to join our eNewsletter.  I’ll send out an alert when it’s ready.  You might also get some news on what’s happening at Crimson Tate along the way, too.  (Be cautioned, we don’t send many emails!  I promise not to flood your inbox and I most definitely won’t share your email address with anyone else.)

Utilizing my leftover scraps, I made something fun on the back along with some double gauze.  SO. STINKING. SOFT.



I love remembering and dreaming about my days as a camp counselor hiking, swimming, canoeing, basket weaving (for real), and bracelet making.  I love that this quilt serves as a marker for an important time in my life.

Want to win some Piecemeal of your own?  Wanna win a coordinating bundle of FreeSpirit Solids? We’ve got six one yard pieces provided by the kind folks at FreeSpirit to give away and Crimson Tate is giving away the solids bundle!!  You’ve got three ways to win!! Do all three, get three chances!!  Winner will be drawn Monday, November 27, 2017.

  1. Leave a comment here and tell me about your experience level in friendship bracelet making.  Novice, intermediate, expert?  I’d love to know about your favorite flosses, patterns, and colors to create.  If you’re a stranger to friendship bracelets, tell me about your most important friendship and how you signify it. (I mean, if it’s not in the form of friendship bracelets, what form does it come in? Matching hats, friendship tattoos, etc.???)
  2. Share this blog post on your facebook page (as a public post) and tag Crimson Tate :: Modern Quilter and FreeSpirit Fabrics in the post!  We’ll only be able to see it if you make the post public.  If you’re so inclined, be sure to give us a LIKE, too.
  3. Take this game to Instagram!  Post the photo below and tag @crimsontate @sewtinagivens @freespiritfabric #BraceletMakingQuilt and tell me who you think spells their name correctly.  Is it Tina Givens or is it Heather Givans?  Total pretend bonus for choosing me. 😉  Of course, we’d love it if you’d follow Crimson Tate there, too, if it’s in your heart.


Wanna know what fabrics I used to make this quilt?  Here’s a list and even a kit to get you started in making your own Bracelet Making Quilt!!


Coordinating FreeSpirit Solids:



Tina Givens with an E’s Piecemeal Fabrics:

Leafy Path (Aqua) PWTG194.AQUAX
Leafy Path (Orange) PWTG194.ORANG
Leafy Path (Smoke) PWTG194.SMOKE
Morning Walk (Orange) PWTG192.ORANG
Morning Walk (Purple) PWTG192.PURPL
Raisin Feast (Pink) PWTG190.PINKX
Screen Door (Aqua) PWTG196.AQUAX
Shade Tree (Kiwi) PWTG193.KIWIX
Shade Tree (Papaya) PWTG193.PAPAY
Spotty (Aqua) PWTG195.AQUAX
Spotty (Papaya) PWTG195.PAPAY
Spotty (Purple) PWTG195.PURPL
Troy Gardens (Purple) PWTG189.PURPL
Weed No More (Purple) PWTG191.PURPL
Weed No More (Smoke) PWTG191.SMOKE

28 thoughts on “Givans VS. Givens & My Latest Quilt Finish + –FABRIC GIVEAWAY–

  1. Sylvia Lloyd says:

    Wow! Love the quilt. My experience with friendship bracelets started in 7th grade when I joined Girl Scouts. My leader taught us how to make them using floss. We did everything from the single strand bracelets, to elaborate V shaped bracelets adding beads. She was my inspiration. Those were the good times. She actually helped me find my love for quilting. She passed away less than a year ago from brain cancer. Whenever I make a quilt, she is always with me.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I don’t remember every making friendship bracelets, although I think some friends did and gave them to me. Now, I show my friendship love by knitting people presents. It makes me really happy to be able to make something someone else will love.

  3. Sandy Allen says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! Love the solids mix, too.

    I have no experience with friendship bracelets since I am way older than that. When I was a teen it was macrame necklaces with beads that were the rage. I made tons of them for my friends and for sale. Probably couldn’t make any now if I had to, though! 🙂

  4. Gigi says:

    My daughter made many friendship bracelets which made me very happy to have my collection of floss put to good use. Later I initiated friendship bracelet making programs with teens at the public library I managed. Most recently I have enjoyed making them with my granddaughters! I am intrigued at your process in making the blocks in this quilt-wish my brain worked that way.

  5. LINDA says:

    Hi, Friendship Bracelets are so fun! Have made them for gifts. Love. Use mostly my vast collection of DMC Embroidery floss; have some silk also. Your Quilt is so neat! Thanks for your sweet giveaway!

  6. Heather Kopeschka says:

    I am a novice at bracelets. I can crochet something and add needs, but not much interest in doing it. I cannot wear too much of that stuff at work, so it would just sit. Love to see them though!

  7. Michele Etter says:

    I was a camp counselor for 4 years and camp director at Shakamak 4-H Camp. Loved it! Lots of hiking, camp songs and skits, etc.!!! and lots of crafts!!! I remember doing a lot of leathercraft bracelets with the kids but I also taught a lot of friendship bracelets and have a few stuck in my memory box from my favorite campers and from some of the little boys who I was their first crush! lol! Thanks for the fun memory!!!

  8. Julie says:

    I use to make friendship bracelets when I was in junior high. I put wooden beads on them. Then i sold them!! 😳

    Thanks for the chance to win this great give away!

  9. Carol Nelms says:

    Very cool, Thanks for sharing and the giveaway. Hope I win! I have never made a Friendship Bracelet but would like to give your quilt a try.

  10. Hayley says:

    That quilt is outstanding!! So eye catching and one of the more original ones I’ve seen for a while. Anyway… friendship bracelets. Is say I was an expert 20+ years ago at school but I haven’t made one since then. Surely it’s like riding a bike???

  11. Jane K says:

    My best friend in high school was Sue. She and I both loved to make things. We didn’t settle for friendship bracelets. We made matching dresses (different colors). How goofy is that?!? We quickly learned NOT to wear them on the same day, unless we wanted to open ourselves to ridicule 😂

  12. Sacha says:

    That quilt is amazing! I love it! You are so stinkin’ creative, Heather Givans with an A.

    My friendship bracelet skills are minimal, at best. I’ve made a handful over the years but only in a simple stripe. I’d love to see what you’ve created with string!

  13. Lindsey says:

    My friendship bracelet level is novice. It’s been years since I made one and I only know one pattern!

    More importantly, my longest friendship is turning 30 next year!!

  14. StaceyinStitches says:

    I seriously love this quilt. I was an Intermediate bracelet maker. I feel like I could have made the Expert level but I hadn’t figured out the whole safety pin to the jeans thing and always tied the loops around my toes, which would eventually make my leg cramp and then my strands would get snarled. I had a LOT of half bracelets in the more advance patterns, my favorite was an X and O design that looked like layers of fish. But more often I did the basic diagonals and herringbones. I did, however, learn to to the whole hair wrap with embroidery floss one summer using larger versions of the knots, so that was cool. i spent a lot of time wrapping my own hair. I was totally cool that summer 😉 Thanks for the giveaway and the awesome inspiration! To the sewing machine, away!

  15. Amanda says:

    Girl, I LOVE this quilt!!! You are so clever. I have many fond memories of friendship bracelet making as well. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but I’ve made some pretty awesome versions in my day 😊

  16. Rita Long says:

    This quilt is inspiring and what a great way to use some of my scraps. Friendship bracelets was something I learned about from my daughters. They spent hours working on them. I remember some of the macrame knots in them.

  17. Shawn says:

    I am a novice when it comes to Friendship bracelets, but I was thinking just the other day that I should teach my niece how to make them!

  18. Nicole Vaslot says:

    I loved making friednship bracelets when I was young. And than when my daughter was 12 I taught her and her friends how to make them. Maybe next will be teaching grandchild one day (hopefully still a ways away). Love the design of the quilt btw!

  19. mareder says:

    I’m a bit old for the friendship bracelet craze… So I guess I’m a novice! Although I believe my kids made them.
    But I do love quilting and outdoor adventures with friends!
    Love the quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sarah J says:

    I used to love making friendship bracelets– I might even have had intermediate skills! I am itching to get my daughter into making them, but she says she isn’t interested – seriously!? Anywho– awesome quilt!!

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