Lotta Jansdotter is my best friend* + GIVEAWAY

*not really.  I’m just kidding.


In another life I worked at a local boss gift shop Silver in the City where I discovered amazing stationery and soft good designers such as Angela Adams, Lotta Jansdotter, and Juila Rothman.  Fast forward ten years later and am in disbelief that I design fabric along side two of these women I’ve admired for so long.  Windham Fabrics, I love you and thank you.  My gratitude is endless.  I can remember all the times we all huddled around the Lotta Jansdotter goods and awed over the choice of fabric (mostly linen) and that quintessential Swedish design.  In my arsenal of items from that era still exists, I have more leather handled Lotta totebags then I’d care to admit.


I’m honored to present and let you peek in on Lotta Jansdotter’s new book for STC Craft, an imprint of Abrams publishing, Everyday Style.


I took some time over the past few weeks to thumb through the book and I have to tell you, the images are inspiring.  Jenny Hallengren is the photographer who you might remember took the photographs in Heather Jones’s book Quilt Local.  Same photographer.  Lotta’s style combined with Jenny’s know-how is a powerful combination. Then add pattern designer Alexia Abegg to the mix, and it becomes spectacular.  I am particularly impressed with the hand drawn elements included.  Look at how sweet this is.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.18.54 AM

The book is filled with simple skirts, dresses, bags, and more with a modern Scandinavian elegance.  I made a couple of projects from the book starting with the Wilma Bag.  It is ginormous.  Let’s play Who Wore It Better??  Here’s Lotta with her bag:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.24.46 AM

Here I am with my Wilma Bag:


Ok.  You don’t have to comment on who wore it better but I did wear every striped piece of clothing I could find that coordinated.  I used an organic canvas ticking fabric and am glad I did.  It has a great heft and the size of this bag can easily accommodate a sewing machine or more.


I call this photograph “If Lotta Jansdotter, Amy Butler, Heather Ross, and Heather Givans went into a bar…”  Actually, that might have happened once.  I can’t be sure.  I stuffed this bag full of Indiana shaped pillows made from fabrics of some of these lovely ladies.  I also created a CUUUUTE hat with simple pompom instructions found in Lotta’s book.  It gave me an excuse to shop at Mass Ave Knits in Downtown Indianapolis.  It is a yarn lover’s oasis.  IMG_0853

I created this big ol’ pompom from a hand-dyed yarn.  I know.  I’ve probably offended yarn lovers with such a simple use of a beautiful yarn BUT I COULDN’T HELP IT.  I was a moth to flame.



IMG_6625 (1)

The pattern for this cute hat is by the crazy talented Crafty Gemini.  I used Echino jacquard knit instead of fleece and bam.  It worked beautifully. The pompom instructions are found in Lotta’s book.

Thanks for reading along.  I’m impressed with the visual inspiration found in Everyday Style.  I’m certain to create more projects from the book.  If you’d like to win a copy of your own, STC Craft, Tattly Tattoos, and Windham Fabrics are offering a prize package to include a copy of the book, a fat quarter bundle of Lotta’s fabric from Windham, Lotta temporary tattoos, and Lotta washi tape.  So make sure you follow along on all of the blogs in the series, leaving comments along the way to be entered to win and being inspired.  A winner will be chosen at each stop along the tour.

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Dec 18 – Lish Dorset

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Dec 23 – Crafty Planner

Winner on my blog will be chosen on December 26.  So you’ll have time until then to make comments about your everyday style,  Who Wore It Better, or just in general about your love of Lotta Jansdotter.  I’ll randomly choose.

78 thoughts on “Lotta Jansdotter is my best friend* + GIVEAWAY

  1. sop.hie.s says:

    My everyday style can be considered casual. Lucky me, we are not supposed to be in a lady suit in the office 🙂 I do love colourful clothing, but I don’t dare (yet?) to wear them myself. I’m hoping that my new hobby being sewing will help my get more colours in my own stylish clothes 🙂

  2. Pat says:

    love this – did not know there was a yarn shop near Crimson Tate. So basically, Mass Ave. in Indianapolis is a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place (nirvana).

  3. Kirsten says:

    Let’s talk about Lotta washi tape. And then, let’s keep talking over and over and over.
    My everyday style is casual quirky, I guess. I don’t know.

  4. Ozge Basagac says:

    I love dressing casually but i take the time to add color to my overall appearance. It can be a handmade clutch, a scarf, a hat or crazy jewellery.But especially in winter i need color to take me through the day 🙂

  5. muldoonie70 says:

    ah, you’re in indianapolis!! makes me smile as my grandparents lived there for most of their lives & hearing just the city name conjures up fond memories! thx for lotta’s book giveaway opportunity, & continued success on your blog!!
    cheers! 😀

  6. allisonsews says:

    You are adorable. I just tried to double tap the pic of you in all your stripes because I forgot this is not instagram… 😂

  7. EA says:

    Your hat is super cute! I’m going to order the knit fabric for a small version for my leopard-obsessed 3 year old! And I also love the Lotta look!

  8. Marti says:

    I actually bought Lotta fabric before I bought a sewing machine, the Sylvia and Glimma collections. I keep a small stash of her paper plates on hand for holidays and birthdays. I suppose I’ve achieved fangirl status and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. And a high five for using the word ginormous, it is the perfect descriptor!

  9. tarnia says:

    That is one big tote! I semi regularly take myself off for a sewing week, with all my sewing stuff piled inelegantly in cardboard boxes. I think its time to go a little more upmarket, and make a tote. Thanks for the review, it looks a great book. Love your blog, about to push the follow button.

  10. L says:

    I’m fairly notorious in our quilt guild for my love of LJ, and embarrassingly encyclopedic knowledge of all her Windham fabric lines

  11. Tatiana says:

    I love your striped tote! Lotta’s style looks simple and comfortable, and all projects in the book are beautiful! I especially like the Esme top and tunic. Thank you!

  12. Kathleen says:

    I’m a longtime fan of Lotta’s work so I’m looking forward to checking out this book. I’ve even made her cardamom bun recipe that was in a previous book. Fingers crossed!

  13. Jennyroo says:

    Oh wow! First of all, I couldn’t possibly say who wore it better. Your bags are both amazingly wonderful! I am such a sucker for stripes. Lotta is my absolute fave designer! Her modern scandinavian design aesthetic is right up my alley. I was reading a blog the other day and someone wrote that the first time they went to Oslo they felt like they were at home. Haha, I have never been to Europe (but I can dream!) but I am sure I would feel the same way. If you haven’t already, I would suggest reading the AFAR magazine article about Lotta’s Scandinavian island home. It looks AMAZING! She is doing a retreat there this summer which I would LOVE to attend but sadly there are no solo European crafty getaways for this single mama of three sweet young boys in the near future. Thank you so much for this amazing prize. I shall cross my fingers and toes and everything in between. Have a lovely ALMOST Christmas. Cheers!

  14. brenda223 says:

    I love that bag. It would be great to tuck all of the blankets and pillows into it when setting out on a long car trip. And the simple, comfortable look of the clothing fits me quite well. I could see myself in several of those pieces.

  15. Jinger says:

    I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t heard of Lotta before this hop, shows what a newbie I am! I’m excited about the simplicity of the designs and hopeful that even I can make some of the pieces!

  16. Ramona says:

    I just love the Wilma bag. Your striped version is so cute. My style is pretty casual but i love bright colors. This book looks like so much fun!

  17. Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) says:

    I’ve just discovered your shop and blog via the Modern Sewciety podcast, where she also interviewed Lotta (I’ve been listening to tons of those podcasts, so I can’t remember if it was in the same podcast as yours or not), but I’m throwing my hat in to win the book! Also, you talk just like one of my friends, so I now think of you as how she would be if she were in the sewing world. I think my everyday style is largely jeans and t-shirt, but I’m trying to jazz it up with cool fabric and sewing, sewing, sewing in general. The more stuff I try, the more interesting my style will be, right? Today I’m wearing a basic dirndl skirt made from a Cotton + Steel apple fabric, so I feel cool about that. I look forward to looking around your site!

  18. Susan Roehrig says:

    New to all this, but love the blog and especially the striped bag which I think anyone would wear it well.

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