Sewing for a Cause :: Kangaroo Cuddlers for the Riley NICU

Indy Reads Bookshelf Quilt went to a good home.

Indy Reads Bookshelf Quilt went to a good home.

Ohhhhhh man! We are fresh on the heels of raffling off our Indy Quilts Books Bookshelf Quilt and just don’t know what to do with ourselves. The winner was drawn at the Alphabet Affair and it hit us that we weren’t quite ready for the quilt to go. What will we do with ourselves now that our beloved work is done for the year with IndyReads?

We’re starting a new project to spread the good-giving. We know you’ll love this one. We’ve partnered with one of our lovely customers and friends who is involved in the Kangaroo Cuddlers which is a program that encourages skin to skin contact of mother and baby. Read what the project coordinator has to say:


Our first Kangaroo Cuddler

Kangaroo Care is hard to accomplish when your little one is in constant care in the NICU. A team of doctors devised a great program that provides opportunity for moms to wear a little kangaroo inside their clothing and when they aren’t able to be with their baby, the little kangaroo stays with the child. It reminds the mothers that this skin to skin contact is very important in early childhood as well as provides comfort and security for the baby as the swatch contains the mother’s calming smell.

How sweet is this? You want to help us sew these dudes? Let’s talk deets.

Who: You, silly! Our wonderful sewy community.

What: The Riley NICU Kangaroo-a-thon! The initial goal is to collect 60 Kangaroo Cuddlers.

When: Please complete and deliver your finished cuddlers by Saturday, May 9, 2015

Where: Drop them off or mail to Crimson Tate – 845 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

How: Download this simple Kangaroo Cuddler pattern and make as many ‘Roos as you please, and please don’t forget to closely follow the guidelines because a mom has to wear this under her clothes and a baby has to snuggle with it. Keep it as simple as possible!

Hop to! What an awesome use of our skills that other people might not have, so think of what a difference this simple gesture can make. How many Kangaroos can we sew, gang?! Let’s find out!

2 thoughts on “Sewing for a Cause :: Kangaroo Cuddlers for the Riley NICU

  1. Lisa Schepper says:

    A huge thank you with hugs and undying gratitude to all of the fabulous CrimsonTate sewy community who made/are making unstuffed Roos for our Riley NICU babies! The idea is catching on and other nurseries around the state are organizing their events! Thanks for being a huge part of our success at Riley.

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