#IndyQuiltsBooks – 10 Days Left


Pieced and embroidered by Crimson Tate’s community of literary lovers. Quilted by Benji Benjamin of Dancing Gekko Studio.

That’s right, kids. Only ten more days to get your hands on some raffle tickets for this bookshelf quilt. Isn’t it bananas?!
A winner will be drawn on Saturday, April 25 at the Indy Reads Alphabet Affair! And that winner could be YOU!
If you’ve been following the journey of this quilt, you know that it took a whole community of quilters.
IMG_5716Thank you, thank you, thank you to the 20+ volunteers who contributed to this project with your mad sewing and embroidery skills.
Thank you, also to RJR Fabrics for contributing part of the solid fabric found in the quilt.  Windham Fabrics who contributed Succulents by Heather Givans (hey wait, that’s me!).
For more information regarding raffle tickets, call the store 317-426-3300.

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