Ohhh Voile. You’re Such a Pretty Girl.

VOILE-La! Another Substrate To Add To Your Repertoire.


OMG! Have you seen the lil’ Boston Terriers in voile? Can you get any cuter than this?  It’s ridiculously amazing what Japanese manufacturer Kokka has come up with in this sweet new design.    I’m so curious about who is going to make a dress from these teeny pups! Or who is going to sew a set of infinity scarves to give as presents to their friends?  Who is going to start a Boston Terrier gang?!  Who wants pajama pants in grapefruit colored terriers?  All I know is that it’s begging to be made into something great.

100% cotton and 100% cute, this voile fabric is soft, sturdy, and waiting for its forever home. 

You’ve seen Rashida Coleman-Hale’s Koi voile, right?


The Way of the Flowers in Jewel.  Organic cotton voile. Beauty.

What is this voile, you say?  Voile a lightweight fabric that has sheer qualities to it.  Because of its lightweight nature, voile is best used in situations where it can shine, move, and drape like dresses, curtains, or scarves.   Having said this, a voile quilt is not out of the question.  I’ve witnessed the beauty of a voile quilt with wool batting.  Luxurious.  Let us not be afraid to mix substrates when constructing new projects.  Add another tool to toolbox, kids.  These lightweight cottons will inspire. (Don’t forget about the hand drawn kitties in voile, too.)



2 thoughts on “Ohhh Voile. You’re Such a Pretty Girl.

  1. Ruth Brown says:

    I’m ordering the grapefruit “Boston Terrier” fabric. Anything in the shop that would look great with it? Preferably not in the $16-22 price range. Better 10.50 to 11.00. Let me know, please, before you fill my order

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