Congratulations, Uncle Eric!

If you ever come to Crimson Tate on a Saturday morning, you might catch a glimpse of our Eric who is a master at understanding value and scale.  From his meticulous attention to detail in sewing to his wonderful laugh that overflows and is contagious, especially when he can’t contain it, Eric is an awesome staffer of Crimson Tate.  You might recognize him from the Staff Fat Quarter Bundle Challenge.  He’s the current champion!

Yesterday Eric rolled up to Crimson Tate straight from his day job. (Look how dapper he is!  Yep, smart, funny, and good looking.) If you missed yesterday’s read, you should know that Eric’s best friend Becky chose him and Crimson Tate to help in the gender reveal of her and her husband Mark’s newest baby.  Here’s the photo essay of Uncle Eric finding out who’s gonna live at the Myers household.







Here’s Eric ready to pass along the chosen fabrics.


And then Becky and Mark showed up to pick up the fabric that Eric and Crimson Tate-ers chose for the newest member of their household.


Later we’ll show you the fabrics chosen for this special little boy.  Congratulations Becky and Mark!  And thank you so much for letting us be a part of this special moment.  WE LOVED IT!!  (And truthfully, we all might have cried.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)



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