Boy or Girl?!!


I’m taking a quick break from Quilt Market recap fun-time to share with you what is happening at Crimson Tate this evening.  Let me tell you an amazing little story about Becky. 


Becky came through the door with her all-time best friend Eric wanting to take a quilt class.  Funny.  Smart.  Meant to be friends.  These two were a riot to have in class together. They are both incredibly fabulous and wonderful.  When Becky and her husband Mark found out they were pregnant with their second baby, they decided the best way to find out the gender would be to have Eric and their new friends at Crimson Tate pick out the fabrics for the baby’s first quilt. 


So tonight Eric is making his way Downtown to open the envelope, to be the first to find out who’s about to enter the world, and honor this new life with a quilt.  We are going to assist Eric in choosing the fabrics for this quilt and then swiftly package them so there can be no peeking.  The gender will be revealed to Mark and Becky at dinner.


What do you think it will be?!?!  We’re so excited and honored to be the firsts to know this baby and thrilled to be a part of this important occasion now and as this family grows.  Love to all!  It’s a great time to be quilting.

2 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?!!

  1. Holly says:

    Totally should go with greens and yellows! That way they have no clue, and we can see how long Eric can hold a secret.

  2. Material Girl Quilts says:

    I just love this idea! So fun and what a special way to find out about your new little one. Just perfect!!

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