We’ve Set-Up Our Pop-Up QuiltCon Booth Inside of Crimson Tate + Paper Obsessed PRE-ORDER Starting NOW!

Crimson Tate

Crimson Tate

Woooot!  We’ve set up our QuiltCon booth inside of Crimson Tate if you want to come down and pretend you’re at QuiltCon 2016 a week early!  I mean, we can take selfies, give hugs, hashtag the crap out of our photos with things like #QuiltConForever #PartyinBooth504 #Pasadenaisforlovers #IamgoingtoDisneyland.  You know, all the things.


In preparation for QuiltCon, we’re also offering Paper Obsessed as a PRE-ORDER!  Check out crimsontate.com to find exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.  We’re offering bundles and kits as pre-ordered items.  Fabric should arrive in June.  We can hardly wait. Holla!

Crimson Tate

Bundles of Paper Obsessed

Crimson Tate

Paper Obsessed Kits

Photos by Eric Lubrick.

Quilt Local :: Heather Jones Totally Inspires + {GIVEAWAY}

IMG_0021Have you met Heather Jones? I, as a fellow Heather, am so incredibly proud of my dear friend HBJ (Heather Braunlin Jones) as she created one of the most delightfully inspired collections of quilts in her new book titled Quilt Local : Finding Inspiration in the Everyday.  Her cohesive, minimal, recognizable style takes courage and design skill.  I, as a former high school art teacher, always admire art that is minimal and leaves breathing room for the viewer to fall into the work.  Heather Jones creates the most beautiful breathing room in her premiere book Quilt Local.

QL Cover

We were fortunate enough to have HBJ at Crimson Tate recently for a book signing and a full day workshop instructed by Heather in our fabric store Downtown Indianapolis. IMG_0033 (1) We are never lack of conversation (as an aside riding together in the car for a weekend trip that lasted 9+ hours both directions and we were both hoarse by the time it was over), Heather and I, and that evening of nacho bar and buckets of beer was no exception.  I love that Heather is a delightful combination of studious and goofy, all at once.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that she’s real.  She’s a real girl doing exceptional work. Her approach to writing this book gives the viewer multiple ways to look at the projects. One quilt is rendered in solids and the next it’s peppered with printed fabrics.  How brilliant?! And to think that Heather created each of those patterns twice, taking on the monumental task of not only piecing, quilting, and finishing them on her own but also fully inspiring all of us to take a closer look at our surroundings in a more authentically inspired way.  We as quilters GET IT.  It’s a monumental task.  She gets it.  She’s good.

It was a pleasure and an honor to get periodical phone calls from my friend during her process of writing the book.  Finding inspiration in everyday is a creed I have adhered to as a life philosophy, myself.  But to step into Heather Jones’s inspiration leaves me with wonderment.  And the first time she saw the photos I happened to be with her at an event where we all stood around the laptop and cried because the photography of her creations truly captured the beauty of her.  And of her work.QL interior 2

When I knew that Heather Jones and I could be friends was when she started playing with color using Josef Albers theories on color.  She’s a girl after my own heart.  Eureka! This thing is brilliant.  And then here is her quilt in a repetitive fashion.


Heather encourages us to take note of our surroundings. For instance, I am inspired by the beautiful architecture of this Coca-Cola plant that is found right across the street from Crimson Tate.

Art Deco Coca-Cola building

I also suuuuuuuuper find inspiration when I am standing in front Lake Superior as I visit my family in northern Minnesota.  Parson Gray Inspiraiton

Wouldn’t this Parson Gray bundle be a great jumping point to compliment Gitchi-Gami?


So tell me, where do you feel inspired? Leave a note, and one lucky person will receive an autographed copy of Heather Jones’s beautiful book.  I can’t wait to hear what inspires you.  And a big ol’ congratulations to HBJ on a job well done. xoxo.  Drawing will take place at end of blog tour November 13, 2015.  Each stop is offering a free book.


Boy or Girl?!!


I’m taking a quick break from Quilt Market recap fun-time to share with you what is happening at Crimson Tate this evening.  Let me tell you an amazing little story about Becky. 


Becky came through the door with her all-time best friend Eric wanting to take a quilt class.  Funny.  Smart.  Meant to be friends.  These two were a riot to have in class together. They are both incredibly fabulous and wonderful.  When Becky and her husband Mark found out they were pregnant with their second baby, they decided the best way to find out the gender would be to have Eric and their new friends at Crimson Tate pick out the fabrics for the baby’s first quilt. 


So tonight Eric is making his way Downtown to open the envelope, to be the first to find out who’s about to enter the world, and honor this new life with a quilt.  We are going to assist Eric in choosing the fabrics for this quilt and then swiftly package them so there can be no peeking.  The gender will be revealed to Mark and Becky at dinner.


What do you think it will be?!?!  We’re so excited and honored to be the firsts to know this baby and thrilled to be a part of this important occasion now and as this family grows.  Love to all!  It’s a great time to be quilting.

Working on Three Twin Quilts for Triplets

Three grand kids who have a lovely grandmother, will be receiving a twin sized quilt: one for each of them.  Knowing that they are all built from the same DNA but hold individual personalities, we all agreed that the fabrics used in each one should relate but there should be a pop of uniqueness for each one.  Here’s the first.  I’ll let you peek in at more as the tops are sewn together.  I love projects like this!!Image

Modern and Lovely Meets Purple

While Pantone deemed Honeysuckle as the color of the year, a vibrant rosy pink, all trends point toward the purple side of that color as a stand alone beauty.  There is something about the quietness of pale purple mixed with the vibrancy of fuchsia.  There is a beautiful handholding between calm and energetic.  A perfect combination for a new baby girl would be the strength and delicacy of the color purple.  Deep, insightful, loud, and fun.