Paper Obsessed Blog Tour begins today!!! Yipppeeeeeee!!!

Crimson Tate

Paper Obsessed by Heather Givans for Windham Fabrics 

Photo cred: Eric Lubrick

Today begins a two week meander around the interwebs looking at allllllllll of the amazing things my friends and community are building with Paper Obsessed fabric!  I’m excited to see the loveliness that is created and share in their personal stories.  Each stop along the tour will have a chance to win Paper Obsessed fabric and other swag.  I’m giving away a Correspondence Mini Quilt pattern at every stop, along with some other cute Crimson Tate tchotchkes.  Fourteen times you’ll have a chance to win!  All you have to do is follow the instruction of each blogger for your chance to win. Thanks for playing along.  Today’s blogger is Windham Fabrics.  See you back here tomorrow where I’m going to discuss my design process and discuss a few quilts I designed with the collection.

See you back here TOMORROW!

July 12 Windham Fabrics :: {START HERE}

July 13 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate ::

July 14 Sarah Sharp of {no} hats quilts ::

July 15 Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE Magazine ::

July 16 Karen LePage of Gentle Clothing ::

July 17 Jenny Leisure / David Barnhouse of Crimson Tate ::

July 18 Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio ::

July 19 Eric Lubrick of Eric Lubrick Photography ::

July 20 Annie Unrein of By Annie’s ::

July 21 Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts ::

July 22 Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness ::

July 23 Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce ::

July 24 Karen McTavish of Karen McTavish Quilting Studio ::

July 25 Kristen Wright of Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine ::

July 26 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate ::



Sewing for a Cause :: Kangaroo Cuddlers for Riley Children’s Hospital NICU

We’re revisiting a project we did last year again to spread the good-giving. We know you’ll love this one. We’ve partnered with one of our lovely customers and friend who is involved in Kangaroo Cuddlers which is a program that encourages skin to skin contact of mother and baby. Read what the project coordinator has to say:


Kangaroo Care is hard to accomplish when your little one is in constant care in the NICU. A team of doctors devised a great program that provides opportunity for moms to wear a little kangaroo inside their clothing and when they aren’t able to be with their baby, the little kangaroo stays with the child. It reminds the mothers that this skin to skin contact is very important in early childhood as well as provides comfort and security for the baby as the swatch contains the mother’s calming smell.

How sweet is this? You want to help us sew these dudes? Let’s talk deets.

Who: You, silly! Our wonderful sewy community.

What: The Riley NICU Kangaroo-a-thon! The initial goal is to collect 60 Kangaroo Cuddlers.

When: Please complete and deliver your finished cuddlers by Friday, May 6, 2016

Where: Drop them off or mail to Crimson Tate – 845 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

How: Download this simple Kangaroo Cuddler  pattern and make as many ‘Roos as you please, and please don’t forget to closely follow the guidelines because a mom has to wear this under her clothes and a baby has to snuggle with it. Keep it as simple as possible!

Making it Even More Fun: Crimson Tate would like to extend an offering of thanks by giving you a coupon to use.  You’ll receive 1% coupon* off for every cuddler you make up to 30!  A 30% off coupon for your entire purchase awaits!! Use it on Liberty of London, a TJ Lane Thimble, Oliso Iron, an entire bolt of fabric!  It’s up to you how you use it.  We’ll gift you 30% off your entire purchase as a big ol’ thanks.  25 ‘roos will elicit a 25% off coupon.  Just like that.

Making it EVEN MORE MORE FUN: The person who donates the most Kangaroo Cuddlers will receive a $25 gift certificate* to the store.  Let’s say you make 50 cuddlers and that is the most any ONE person makes.  You’ll receive a $25 gift card and a 30% off coupon.  Giving never felt so good!!! So don’t stop at 30 – make as many as your heart can hold.  If you’re not local, you can always send us these lil’ dudes in the mail and we’ll send you a coupon code to use on our website.  You’ll also be eligible for the gift card!!!

*wining gift card and discount can be used on Crimson Tate’s entire inventory excluding classes, other gift cards, pre-orders, and 50% off clearance.

Hop to! What an awesome use of our skills that other people might not have, so think of what a difference this simple gesture can make. How many Kangaroos can we sew, gang?! Let’s find out!

Cuddlers need to be at Crimson Tate no later than Friday, May 6, 2016.  Please include your name, phone number, email, and address so that we may properly thank you and send you your coupon!!! If you’re rocking Instagram or Twitter, give us that, too!!!

If you’re on Instagram, please tag @crimsontate #kangaroocuddler #ctsewingforacause #crimsontate

Paper Obsessed and I’m working on those return letters!

I finally have all of my ducks in a row and am ready to start addressing envelopes to my friends who sent me #PaperObsessed mail about fourteen weeks ago.  Yikes.  I’ve got a long ride to Pasadena, CA.  Let’s cross our fingers my markers don’t run out.  Although, truthfully, I kinda love the marker that is on the edge of drying out.  Those scratchy marks are kinda fun.  See you at QuiltCon?! Look for me and Crimson Tate in booth 504.


Crimson Tate

Paper Obsessed by Heather Givans for Windham Fabrics

Crimson Tate

Paper Obsessed has seventeen different pieces, all paper inspired.

Crimson Tate

Aerodynamics quilt designed and pieced by Heather Givans; quilted by Karen McTavish

Crimson Tate

Succulent Garden quilt designed and pieced by Heather Givans; quilted by Benji Benjiman

Crimson Tate

The cutest little Dash.  Air Traffic Control quilt designed and pieced by Heather Givans; quilted by Quilting by the Stitch

All photography by my super talented and cool friend Eric Lubrick.


See you in Cali in just a few weeks! Or is it less? HOLY HOLY.  😉

xo Heather

March 27 Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio is a PRECIOUS LITTLE LOVER

That Heather Jones is a wonder.  I crazy love that kid and am honored to have her in my world.  I can’t speak highly enough of her accomplishments and friendship.  Head over to her blog today as she discusses using Succulents.  Featured below is a lil’ quilt Heather made that was shown at QuiltCon 2015.  It faced the Crimson Tate booth and it made me so happy to look at it everyday.  So good, Heather.


Photo from Heather Jones Studio blog

Two more days to enter to win!  Be sure to head over and leave Heather, and the rest of the gang, a comment on their posts to be one of the winners of fourteen bundles of Succulents from those friendly folks at Windham.

March 15: Heather Givans of Crimson Tate

March 16: Eric Lubrick of Eric Lubrick Photography

March 17: Sarah Sharp of {no} hats quilts

March 18: Lindsay Lefevere of ellesquare

March 19: Karen McTavish of McTavish Quilting Studio

March 20: David Barnhouse of Crimson Tate

March 21: Meghan Eschbaugh of Calvin and Carolyn

March 22: Brooke Starnes of Crimson Tate

March 23: Matthew Wheeler of Kapa Quilts

March 24: Samantha Howard of Bobaloo Kids

March 25: Amy Garro of 13 spools

March 26: Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts

March 27: Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio

March 28: Heather Givans of Crimson Tate

See you back here tomorrow as I wrap up the tour.



Hip Hop Hoooray! New Class Schedule is HERE!!!


We are super dooper excited to announce the new class schedule!  We’ve got lots of Sewing 101, Beginning Quilting, and Beginning Garment sewing classes.  Head over to our class schedule page and take a look see at all of the classes we are offering this go round.


I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got a few new instructors, too.  I think you’ll enjoy Sarah Sharp of No Hats Quilts and Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts will be joining us.  Of course, Lindsay Lefevere of Ellesquare and David Barnhouse of Circle City Quilter (crimsontavid) plus a crowd favorite Deb Martin of D.A.M. Designs will be returning.


Let us know what other kinds of classes you’d like to see us host.  We’d love to entertain your ideas.




Is Lotta Jansdotter the New Solid? And other thoughts about Houston Quilt Market 2013

Seriously.  She’s kinda brilliant.  That Lotta Jansdotter is Freshy McFresherson.  I am so happy that Windham Fabrics wooed the queen of Swedish design to their line-up of stellar cast members.  Of course, Lotta Jansdotter is not new to the world of sewing and textile printing.  She has been making handprinted textiles for years.  As a fellow printmaker, I’ve admired how simple her techniques and results are.  In her third line for Windham, she gives us a soft palette perfect for late winter early spring wearings.  Take a visual tour around her booth —–>


Lotta Jansdotter gives you something to think about.  The roughness and sometimes crude nature of the printed surface is very pretty.  I like that her designs retain that hand printed quality, even though they aren’t hand-pulled prints. (Although all of my favorite printmaking teacher Kathy Reeves would tell you that spotty surfaces is shotty printing, but I like it in this instance.  Sorry Kathy.)  Here’s a closer view of one of those spotty fabrics, this photo taken from Windham’s website.


The happy news is that this collection is set to be shipped from Windham in early February and obs will be living at Crimson Tate.  If you can’t wait to see it in its entirety, check out both collections on Windham’s website.  One is named Mormor and the other Sylvia.  (Sylvia is Lotta’s granny–her mormor).

IMG_2120 IMG_2122

Sylvia is a fantastic range of black and whites which we’ve ALL been waiting for.  Thank goodness.  You’re gonna like it.



If you’d like to use any of the photography seen here, please email me at I’m sure we can work it out!

Tula Pink’s Acacia is LIVING Downtown Indianapolis


I’ll tell ya.  Remember when I drank the Kool-Aid at the Portland Quilt Market Spring 2013 and I said “I finally get why so many people are obsessed with Tula Pink!”  If you don’t remember, you can read about it here. (I was able to capture some good photos while there, I think it’s worth taking a look at). Well.  Two days ago the child of that Kool-Aid-induced-decision-making-funtime showed up.  Twenty-five bolts of Tula Pink’s newest line called Acacia is here.  Yesterday we (David, Melissa, and I) spent a goodly amount of the day cutting, folding, bundling, kitting, petting these newest fabrics.  I took WAY too many photos of the collection and have been thinking WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF THESE PHOTOS?! But I couldn’t stop.  So, here is a lil’ photographic journey of the bundles and kits we’ve put together.  I’ll meet you at the bottom momentarily.



ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWe call this one above the Amelia colorway.  Pretty pinks turning coral.   ImageWe  call the one above the Pauline colorway with its unexpected color combinations that work together seamlessly.ImageWe call this dominantly purple bundle the Bernice colorway.  All good Bernices claim purple as their favorite color.

We have kits of the Peaks & Valleys Quilt which I thought was the best quilt at the show.  We put them in cute lil’ plastic zipper bags that our friend Ashley at Nurture gave us.  She’s trying to purge.  It seems we are always trying to hoard.Image

Here’s what the quilt looks like:


And of course we have the English paper piecing kit she created called Diamonds in the Sky.


It seems we are now officially armed with enough beautiful fabric to make some pretty spectacular things.  I’ve got to get to work on my Peaks and Valleys quilt!

If receiving Tula’s fabric wasn’t enough, on Tuesday we’ll receive Birch Organic’s Fort Firefly and Alexander Henry’s Ghastlie Christmas fabric.  YOU GUYS! It’s go time.

See you downtown, soon!



Birch Organic, I’m in love with you!! More Quilt Market Review.

ImageInternational Quilt Market in Portland is still swimming in my head.

Seriously.  Birch Organic is doing things right.  Not only are their designs contemporary, innocent, and sometimes woodsy, but they speak to the modern family that wants imagination and beauty in their world.  I love Cynthia and Jaysen, owners of Birch Organic.  I secretly want to be best friends with them.  It’s true that I like to imagine their house filled with sand from the beach, tropical flowers, and everyday magic. I imagine that they make their own sushi, decorate with luminaries when they host dinner parties, and would gladly welcome a neighbor to their kitchen counter for coffee any morning.

Daydreaming aside, one of the main reasons I like Birch Organic and the designs they’ve curated for their collections is because they create an imaginative space for kids to be kids.  I find that the simple drawings on their fabrics lend themselves to a story that isn’t obvious.  It inspires.  And I want to make just about everything from their world.

Here are some selections from their booth at the International Quilt Market in Portland.Image

ImageOrganic knits!? With Elk?! Done.

ImageCharlie Harper designs.  Above a simple dress and below a Lunden Designs quilt.  Girl!  We need that pattern!Image


ImageStar Gazers quilt.  Pattern found at Crimson Tate.



ImageAnother quilt pattern by Lunden Designs called Happy Trails.  We have it Downtown Indianapolis.

Below is a line called Fort Firefly.  I couldn’t resist this line.  It’s beautiful in its sage greens and burnt oranges.  You’re gonna love it.


ImageOrganic CANVAS!!!!! Oh man.  Those birds.Image


Quilt Market Review will continue until I run out of photos.  I’m thinking by the Houston Quilt Market, I’ll be done. 😉  Rumor on the street is that bolts of ModBasics from Birch are coming in a few days to live Downtown Indianapolis.  It’s always a celebration when new fabric arrives.



Minneapolis Airport Didn’t Want Me To Blog. You Did Me Dirty, Minneapolis.


So all along I thought that as I was leaving Portland, I’d have time on my layover in Minneapolis to put together more photos from Quilt Market to share but the concourse hike I took in Minneapolis didn’t see it that way. You did me dirty, Minneapolis. In the end I was overjoyed at being able to enjoy a cup of Caribou Coffee after a 20 minute hoofing from one side of the airport to the other.  When I lived in Northern Minnesota (Duluth to be exact) just a few years ago, we’d spend the morning in Canal Park drinking Caribou.  Ohhhh it’s so good.  The waters of Lake Superior make THE WORLD’S BEST COFFEE.  Le sigh.

Back to Quilt Market.

Are you familiar with Blend?  It’s the licensing division of Anna Griffin Designs.  What it boils down to is that Anna Griffin wanted to showcase her arty friends’ talents under a different label.  Blend was born.  What I  thought was INCREDIBLY noteworthy was the holiday selections Blend has for Halloween and Christmas.



Photo above taken from BLEND website. How did I not get a close-up of these dudes?

Here’s a closer look at just how cute the holiday fabrics are.


Look at those cars with Christmas trees attached!  We totally play that game around my house at the holidays.  We keep statistics on how many xmas trees we see strapped to the the top of cars.  It’s exciting when the daily count reaches the teens or when the game begins well before Thanksgiving. Yesssss!!!

Violet Craft‘s newest line for Michael Miller is totally worthy.  She’s so warm.  When I had the fortune of attending QuiltCon, the Modern Quilt Guild’s conference, Violet was taking the same class I was which was Patchwork Skirt with Jay McCarroll.  We giggled the entire way through. (Jay McCarroll smells really good.  More about that some other time.)  Here’s Violet’s booth with the Portland inspired collection.Image



The domino print is pretty sweet and reminiscent to the rivets found along the surface of the Portland bridges.  This was no accident, I’m sure. Violet?!


Also found in the Michael Miller suite was Patty Young‘s typography inspired fabric.  Here’s the lovely Patty sitting inside the swan paddle boat trying to act like she wasn’t being caught on film.  Who me?  I’m fabulous.  Rumor was that the swan boat was totes for sale.  Violet Craft threatened to put it in her yard to grow tomatoes out of it.  How great would that be?Image




Finally for this post, I leave you with T.J. Lane, artist and giggler.  She designs and crafts sterling silver thimbles that are AMAZING.  We have had a selection at Crimson Tate for a year now and we loaded back up this time with a few with gems, a few with bees, and a few delicate hearts.  Here’s our girl T.J. as she realized she charged my credit card SIX TIMES for one transaction.  Get it together, T.J.!!  😉 I love her dearly.  Look at these amazing pincushion rings.  I wore one the entire time I sat in her booth with her.  Sooooo good.


Here she is after she charged my card six times.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Jokes on me! 😉


And then when I told her to be serious, this is what she gave me:


Yea right!

It might take me a month to get through all of these photos.  Stay with me.  I’ve got a lot to share.