QuiltCon Together 2021 with Crimson Tate and the #CTCHAMPIONRACE

Welcome to QuiltCon 2021! We’re embarking on a virtual tour of Crimson Tate and all the fun we have in store for you!! We are so super sad to not be together and high five, and laugh, and bang gongs, and tell stories, and relive the olden days. QuiltCon is like homecoming for us and we’re sad to not be doing this thing together. We love sharing our energies with your energies and god knows, we could all use a boost in spirit about right now.

So to kick off the fun, we’re introducing a special QuiltCon 2021 Crimson Tate Champion Race.

Let the race begin! Everyone is welcome to play!! We’re giving out QuiltCon 2021 Champion Quilter medals in celebration of #quiltcontogether #quiltcontogether2021. We’ll miss hugging you in person, but this time we’re gonna give you a hug via USPS. Games begin now. Claim your prize starting Thursday!! #ctchampionrace #quiltcontogether #withcrimsontate #championmedal #forgoodhumans #shiningbright @themqg #heyquiltconnie #quiltconnie #detailsinstories #tellyourbuddies #sharewithafriend

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Share this with your friends. That would be great! We have TONS of medals to give away and want all our friends and their friends and their friends to play along. We also have swag to share and amazing stickers. You know you can always come to Crimson Tate for a good time.

Thanks for using the following hashtags when posting on social media:

#ctchampionrace #quiltcontogether #withcrimsontate #championmedal #quiltcon2021 #quiltcontogether2021 #crimsontate #iamachampion #championquilter

9 thoughts on “QuiltCon Together 2021 with Crimson Tate and the #CTCHAMPIONRACE

  1. MaryJo Mrvichin says:

    Thanks, how much fun, and beneficial to our world. I am heading to the website to make my purchase… Flannels!!!! To be ready for the next Texas Snovid!!!

      • Peggy G from Austin says:

        Ha! Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Believe it or not, the grocery stores still don’t have some of the basics: water, fruit, ICE CREAM 😱 But seriously it’s amazing how well HEB handles big Texas disasters – the joke is that they are better at helping Texans than our elected officials. Anyway, looking forward to getting my box of goodness that I ordered from y’all this week!! Thx for extending the QuiltCon discount! I didn’t spend as much as I normally do, but you understand why. Once things have settled, I’ll be back to my normal (over)spending habits!! 😆

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