Photographer + Pinterest Guru = Two of My Greatest Friends plus PAPER OBSESSED BLOG TOUR CONTINUES

IMG_0251.jpgI want you to know the Lubricks.  Like, I want you to KNOW them.  They are two of my greatest friends.  Eric and Cris (and baby Dash) are so incredibly dear to me and such big supporters of what I do, I can’t imagine my life without them.  Eric’s artistry and professionalism totally inspires me and pushes me to go deeper and become better at what I do.  Thanks, you two, for being an important part of the process.

Oar to Oar (the duo’s lifestyle blog) gives a shout out today about the how tos and ins outs of photographing for Windham Fabrics and Paper Obsessed.  Go there!  They are today’s stop.

July 12 Windham Fabrics ::

July 13 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate ::

July 14 Sarah Sharp of {no} hats quilts ::

July 15 Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE Magazine ::

July 16 Karen LePage of Gentle Clothing ::

July 17 Jenny Leisure / David Barnhouse of Crimson Tate :: 

July 18 Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio :: 

July 19 Eric Lubrick of Eric Lubrick Photography :: {Beauty Found Here}

July 20 Annie Unrein of By Annie’s ::

July 21 Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts ::

July 22 Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness ::

July 23 Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce ::

July 24 Karen McTavish of Karen McTavish Quilting Studio ::

July 25 Kristen Wright of Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine ::

July 26 Heather Givans of Crimson Tate ::

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