Taking the Long Way Home

It is the rare occasion that I spend the day riding in the car with both of my parents, as I am 37 and they are divorced. Being reminded of fall Sunday afternoon drives, root beer, and pumpkin patches, today I got to ride in the back seat of my mom’s car while my mom made my dad tell stories of when I was little. I feel so fortunate to have this moment with them.

They are very hardworking and have encouraged me to dig deep and labor in my life doing the things that bring me the most happiness. They both wanted to ride along with me today when I went to see my dear friend Ginny who does long arm quilting for me when I’m overwhelmed. This moment seems right. It is slow, easy, and mindful as I drop off an armload of quilts that will end up in the hands of new friends that desire to pass along an heirloom of their worlds. My legacy is love. I love my job. I love my world. I am incredibly grateful.

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