March 18 : Lindsay Lefevere of ellesquare


This cat Lindsay Lefevere is creative through and through.  From engineering these awesomely cute pin cushion cuffs to designing a quilt specifically for Succulents, I love Lindsay’s style and unexpected perspectives.  Her use of color every time surprises me and gets me simultaneously.  Head over to ellesquare to see what she’s been up to and how she interpreted Succulents.  Don’t forget to leave a message for her and be entered to win one of FOURTEEN fat quarter bundles from Windham Fabrics.  Duh-dang!

See y’all tomorrow right back here where Karen McTavish will be chatting about her involvement with Succulents.  Yahooo!

xo Heather

Succulents is HERE! And I couldn’t be happier. Can you tell?

Photograph by Eric Lubrick

Image by Eric Lubrick of

I’m pretty sure the squealing, yelling, and general bursts of crying joy have been a bit much. I apologize if it’s gotten out of hand.  I just can’t stop.  I continue to try to encapsulate the absolute magnitude of my awe but, I fear I haven’t quite captured it yet. Seriously, being asked to be a Windham Fabrics designer is one of the most thrilling things that has ever happened to me.  It’s like getting picked to work with your best friends on a major project, you pick the theme (SUCCULENTS), and you play.  Oh wait, this idea seems to carry me through my life everyday as I interact with this community of creative professionals in Indianapolis and beyond.  Each day is filled with people I deeply love and enjoy being around and I often say in wonderment “is this my life?”  I’m so honored and happy to be doing the work that I am.  There is a full circle of happiness that surrounds me and it’s a great place to be.  We definitely welcome you in to that circle of happiness at Crimson Tate whether it be in our physical space on Massachusetts Ave in Downtown Indianapolis or whether it be on the interwebs as the place where you connect with us, we’re glad you’re here.


Image by Eric Lubrick of

To kick off a major celebration of Succulents, my debut collection for Windham Fabrics, we will be traversing the interwebs, peeking in on those creative professionals and seeing how they have used and interpreted the fabric.  From Eric Lubrick  (who is the bad ass photographer that took all of the photos in the Windham look book) to peeping inside the brain of world renowned quilter Karen McTavish (who my grandma loves) we’ll be traveling around this cool community gathering inspiration.  Here’s the rockstar line-up:

March 15: Heather Givans (me!) of Crimson Tate ::

March 16: Eric Lubrick of Eric Lubrick Photography ::

March 17: Sarah Sharp of {no} hats quilts ::

March 18: Lindsay Lefevere of ellesquare ::

March 19: Karen McTavish of McTavish Quilting Studio ::

March 20: David Barnhouse of Crimson Tate ::

March 21: Meghan Eschbaugh of Calvin and Carolyn ::

March 22: Brooke Starnes ::

March 23: Matthew Wheeler of Kapa Quilts ::

March 24: Samantha Howard of Bobaloo Kids ::

March 25: Amy Garro of 13 spools ::

March 26: Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts ::

March 27: Heather Jones of Heather Jones Studio ::

March 28: Heather Givans (me!) of Crimson Tate ::

Thanks for getting out the word to all of the succulent lovers in your life!  I think you and they will enjoy the next two weeks of Succulent joy!  Windham Fabrics is giving away fourteen fat quarter bundles during this hop!  So follow along, let us know what moves and inspires you.  The next two weeks are gonna be amazing.



Hip Hop Hoooray! New Class Schedule is HERE!!!


We are super dooper excited to announce the new class schedule!  We’ve got lots of Sewing 101, Beginning Quilting, and Beginning Garment sewing classes.  Head over to our class schedule page and take a look see at all of the classes we are offering this go round.


I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got a few new instructors, too.  I think you’ll enjoy Sarah Sharp of No Hats Quilts and Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts will be joining us.  Of course, Lindsay Lefevere of Ellesquare and David Barnhouse of Circle City Quilter (crimsontavid) plus a crowd favorite Deb Martin of D.A.M. Designs will be returning.


Let us know what other kinds of classes you’d like to see us host.  We’d love to entertain your ideas.