Big Ol’ Three Yards Bolt Sale!


We’re busting at the seams, you guys!  In this case, that’s a good thing! The adventuring into our annual end of summer sale has inspired us to host a when-you-accumulate-THREE-YARDS-FROM-THE-BOLT discount!  Take 30% off when you purchase three yards.  Buy six half-yards, equalling three yards, and your basket will be eligible.  Buy seven yards of one fabric, the whole purchase will be eligible.  Awwww yeah!! Time to gather the most beautiful fabrics in mass quantity.  From Amy Butler, Cotton + Steel, Heather Givans (teeehee that’s me!), Tula Pink, Heather Ross, Free Spirit solids and more!  We’re putting the bulk of our fabric by the yard in this mammoth sale.  Be sure to read the Q+A below for all of the rules and rituals of this event.  Use code BOLTBUDDY and enjoy!  Sale ends 11:59 PM EST August 20, 2018, in store and online.

Dear Crimson Tate,

I wanna buy it all.  Is all of the yardage in the store on sale?  I mean, I’m about to go crazy and purchase it all!!!


Well I mean, there are 100s of bolts eligible for this sale!  So, I’m gonna list both the inclusions and the exemptions!  The brand new arrivals Summer 2018 are exempt from the sale.  Don’t be sad; there are way more bolts included IN the SALE than NOT.


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.10.31 PM.png

Summer 2018 New Arrivals that are exempt

African Wax Block Prints, Alexander Henry Holiday, Alison Glass Sun Print 2018, Alison Glass Remix, Anna Graham Forage, Carolyn Friedlander Polk, Cori Dantini Merry & Bright, Cotton + Steel Basics, Cotton + Steel Frost, Elizabeth Grubaugh A Winter’s Tail, Heather Givans Night Hike, Heather Givans Jot, Heather Ross Sugarplum, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Kelly Ventura Botany, Rifle Paper English Garden, Sarah Watts Front Yard

Dear Crimson Tate,

What kind of cuts are we talking about here?  Can I order 1/8th yards of 24 different fabrics?  That’ll equal three yards!   You cool with that?

Dear Scrap-a-licous,

We get you.  We understand you.  During this sale, we require 1/2 yard cuts minimum and enough cuts of fabric that will total three yards.  If you want to buy three yards of one fabric, you’ll meet the requirement.  Bam!  Yaayayayyyyy.  You do you, just make it a 1/2 yard minimum.

Dear Crimson Tate,

What else is on sale?  Can this be applied to clearance fabrics?

Dear Seeker of More Discounts,

We are not able to offer 30% off fabrics already on clearance during this sale.



As always, you can shop online and choose store pick up if you’d like to shop from home.  Just give us 24 hours to package your order.  We will shoot you an email to let you know when it’s ready.




Year End Gratitude!!


This year brought an amazing adventure to Crimson Tate.  Whoa, nelly.  We are all in this game together.  We’re a teeny tiny small business that is so proud to be your neighborhood (and online) quilt store.  This little buddy can’t function without you.  And quite honestly, we don’t want to do this without you.  As I look back on the year that is passing, a common theme is positivity, gratefulness, and love.   I want to thank you profusely for your friendship and patronage.  I (all of us at Crimson Tate, really) love that our friends are our customers and that our customers are our friends.  It’s the best way to live.  So thank you for that.

We opened our hearts to love and friendship and found more inspiration and happiness than we ever could have anticipated.

Let’s bust into 2017 with joy in our heart, inspiration in our mind’s eye, and an abundance of creativity. Let’s make things we’re proud of, have meaning, not worry about being perfect, and let’s have a GOOD TIME!!


As a year end celebration, we’d love to offer you the use of code FINALCOUNTDOWN at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order.  Even the clearance will be discounted an additional 25% with the code.  What?! It’s time to get creative and begin again.  We welcome you, 2017.  We welcome you with hearts forward, arms open, and ready for the goodness you have in store for us all.  Sale ends Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST (just for funzies!  Holla West Coast!)

International friends, we now are set-up to handle your online orders!  We’re happy to ship to you anywhere in the world.  Let’s do this thing!!!  I’m excited for the first international orders to come through. EXCITING!!

I know that for many, 2016 was tough.  I’m actively choosing to move my way into 2017 with excitement and anticipation of some awesome stuff in mind.

In 2017 I can’t wait for * QuiltCon in February * The arrival of Literary in April!!! * New quilt patterns * More art for a fourth collection!!! WHAT?! So crazy. * Classes at Crimson Tate! * Being inspired * Laughing and storytelling * Digging deep in my friendships * More Yoga  * Learning and using ASL * Paducah * Teaching in other people’s spaces * Walking and biking to work * Playing everyday at Crimson Tate * Hosting creativity workshops with my hommies @ Practice Indie * Fall Market and debut of fabric collection number four * Sewing more quilts * Finding more kindred spirits * Reading more * Tinkering * Building * Choosing positivity * Being real * Giggling on the daily * Writing more notes * Happiness * Spending more time outdoors * Love * High fives * The list can go on and on and surely will.  xoxoxoxxoxo

I’d love to know what you are excited for, too!

Our philosophy at Crimson Tate is to be serious without taking yourself too seriously.  I love that so many people in our community approach life, sewing, and everyday in the same way.  I can’t be more grateful that this is who I am surrounded by.  I really do have big love.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives.  And thank you for being a part of mine.  And as always, thank you to the Crimson Tate Squad for their continuous and hard work.  Truly.



PS We’ll be closed January 1 & 2.  We’ll reopen at 11:00 AM on January 3.  xoxo

Black Friday at Crimson Tate – Downtown Indianapolis


Welcome to our lil’ deal to prepare for holiday giving!!  Let’s make a Black Friday deal!

Today, November 28, 2014 at and at our Mass Ave location Downtown Indianapolis we are offering a free large spool of Aurifil thread or a Crimson Tate tote bag when you purchase $75 or more.  Fill your cart with $75 of modern goods and then add the item you wish to receive FREE!  Be sure to use code AURIFIL or CTTOTE at checkout to receive your discount. Please see below for FAQ to help navigate the process.  When all else fails, call us and chat.  We’ll help you if you need an assist.  317-426-3300.

We’ve got deals lined up all weekend long so be sure to drop back by to find out all the details!


How do I qualify for a free spool of thread or tote bag?

Spend $75 in-store or at and you’ll be eligible for a free gift.  In order to receive the discount, your cart should total $75.  Once you’ve hit the mark (and made your friends envious) add the object you’d like to receive free to your cart which will make your cart total $88.50 (or more).  At checkout, use the code AURIFIL or CTTOTE to receive the item free.

I’m super savvy and have realized that if I spend $88.50 I can receive a $13.50 discount.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to put the object I want free in my cart.  Can still receive a $13.50 discount?  Will you STILL send me the free object?

We do applaud you for being a sharp cookie!  But in this case if you don’t add the object you wish to receive free to your cart, you won’t receive the object. If you spend more than $88.50 and use either code, you’ll be receiving a $13.50 discount on your purchase with no object.  I mean, that’s not that bad!  But don’t be sad if you don’t get the object in the mail.  Unfortunately, we can’t offer you the free object if you don’t add it to your cart.  Confused?  Call us.  We’ll help.  317-426-3300

Guys! I’m coming to the store.  Are you allowing this deal there, too?

Yes! Head to our Downtown Indianapolis location and we’ll honor your purchase of $75 or more by giving you your heart’s desire – a CT tote or a fatty spool of Aurifil.  We’d love to see you in the store!  Please note that this deal is not happening at Mass on Main – our second location in Carmel.  Now, don’t be sad.  We love the Carmel location but it’s TOOOOOOO confusing to run this deal through that store.  So how can you take advantage?  Buy your purchases online and choose IN-STORE PICK-UP.  In the notes say “HEATHER! BRING MY STUFF WITH YOU TO CARMEL ON TUESDAY” and it will be so.  I’ll sherpa it up north for you.  See!  WIN WIN!

I’m international! Can I participate?

I love internationals! We just haven’t figured out a good way to ship overseas yet.  I’m so sorry.  I’m trying very desperately to figure out how to make it happen.  xoxo

What is happening in-store and online on Small Business Saturday?

Stay tuned!  And be sure to sign-up for our e-newsletter to be included in the deals!